Contact Festival Austria

Dates To Be Announced

What can one say about contact festivals that hasn’t already been said? You move about, you make contact with other humans, rolling on the floor happens, smiles emerge, and everyone goes home feeling rejuvenated about dancing their name. We’ll just let their video take it away:

The organizers say:

“We want you, the participants, the teachers and the team to have a great and well supported time at the festival – it was our choice to move from Vienna to the countryside into more nourishing surroundings and we believe that when we dance it is healthy to have real beds, nature and rest to recharge. Yes, it’s more expensive to stay in a hotel rather than in a gym hall on the floor, but we believe that it shows in the dancing and in the body if you are well rested. We appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of being well cared for and we hope you do, too!”

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