Poland Tantra Festival (spring edition)

We cordially invite you to participate in an international POLAND TANTRA FESTIVAL held in MARCH 2024 in Poland 💕 .

tantra festival in Poland


🫶 WHEN: 12 – 17th March 2024

🫶 WHERE: Poland, Janów Podlaski Castle (around 2 hours from Warsaw)

🫶 PROGRAM: 5 days full of tantra workshops with great international Teachers 🤲

🫶 Language: All workshops are going to be held in English, with Polish translation (if needed)

🫶 ACCOMMODATION: Double and triple rooms with bathrooms, see the gallery on hotel’s website:


🫶 FOOD: vegetarian full board (3 meals per day) served as a buffet

🫶 TICKETS: https://www.tantrafestivalpoland.com/tickets



We want to invite you to embark on a complete tantric journey that has been meticulously planned and thoughtfully created. Whole process is facilitated by a team of carefully selected experts who possess a deep understanding and appreciation of the essence of Tantra. They have conducted workshops around the globe and are committed to providing a life-changing experience that will transform your mind, body, and soul. Join us and allow our team to guide you on this profound journey of self-discovery.



  1. Shachar Caspi
  2. Arynn Dvir
  3. Pushan Govin
  4. Aaron Kleinerman
  5. Simon Paul Sutton
  6. Freya Wolna
  7. Hania Darmas
  8. Amerai Carrera
  9. Sanya Alanya


💎 Key Themes we will be covering:

🔸Stepping into the tantra realm

🔸Conscious Boundaries

🔸Into rejuvenation (cleansing day)

🔸Feminine & Masculine energy

🔸Ecstatic Awakening

🔸S3x Magic Rituals

🔸The bridge towards everyday Life



Our priority is to equip you with practical tools that can be easily implemented in your daily life. While stepping out of our comfort zone is necessary for growth, it’s equally important to build strong foundations and stay grounded in reality.

✔ Immerse into the world of tantra and find out the benefits within

✔ Experience a complete tantric process

✔ Delve deep into their inner being

✔ Engage in a thoughtfully planned out process

✔ Meet exceptional facilitators

✔ Connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world

✔ Take a break from the hustle and bustle of civilization

✔ Enjoy a comfortable and warm atmosphere where they can feel secure and supported

✔ What is the most important 👉 find out MORE about yourself, who are you, what you want! What you desire! WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE FROM LIFE… ?



The festival provides a plethora of experiences, exercises, experiments and expert guidance with the purpose of making life easier for you afterwards. By gaining a better understanding of ourselves, we can grow and ultimately achieve happiness, fulfilling relationships, become wiser parents, run successful businesses and become more conscious human beings. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re seeking something more meaningful in your life. This could be the start of a beautiful journey for you.

🧩 Transformative workshops

🧩 Meeting your true self and delving deep into your inner source

🧩 Holistic approach that encompasses your body, mind, and soul

🧩 Working with powerful tantra tools through movement, breath, sound, touch

🧩 Various techniques and methods aimed at facilitating Tantric healing

🧩 Working with your: body, mind, soul, emotions, convictions, feminine and masculine elements,


💎 Investment in your wellbeig 🥰

TICKETS: https://www.tantrafestivalpoland.com/tickets

Choose available ticket and the currency: EUR or PLN or GBP

What does the ticket include:

✔ All the workshops, lectures, temples, concerts held within the program of the festival

✔ Accommodation in a double room!

✔ 3 vegetarian meals per day served as a buffet

✔ Access to the SPA – outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sauna complex, jacuzzi

What is not included in the ticket?

✖ Transportation, although we will be helping with that and providing commuting buses to the venue or provide all the info on different possibilities on how to get to the festival

✖ Healing sessions with our festival’s Healers



💛 Unique leisure and conference complex where comfort and modernity harmonize with pure, unspoiled nature. It is distinguished by modern, comfortable rooms, exquisite cuisine, attention to guests’ needs, and a rich range of active and cultural attractions and events.

💛 The Wellness Zone (included in the festival’s ticket) consists of: indoor pools, outdoor pools, saunas’ area. It is a space for relaxation and rest. An ideal place to unwind, a moment for yourself before or after workshops, or after a day full of experiences and processes provided by our festival’s rich program 🙂.


💎 LOCAL ATTRACTIONS and ACTIVITIES (outside of festival’s program)

🌟 Well-known horse stables

🌟 Salt therapy graduation tower

🌟 Sandy beach over the charming pond (belongs to castle)

🌟 Enjoy walks in surrounding nature in a park or over the river bank

🌟 Take a bike trip

🌟 Or simply relax in sauna, jacuzzi or pool area



💕We have been organising festivals in Poland for several years now. Our dream has always been to spread the message to a broader, international audience.

💕 We joined our forces together to co-create this beautiful event. We organised seperately more than 20 big festivals in Poland throughout the last decade.

💕 For over 6 years Milabo has been the creator of such festivals as: Serpiente Festival, Wabi Sabi Festival for Women and numerous tantric workshops and events.

💕 Whereas Wibracje Festival is one of the biggest festival in Europe (last year 7thousand participants), came into being 8 years ago.

💕 Our festivals’ programs combine various workshops, concerts, lectures, exhibitions, performances. Through different methods and techniques connected to Body Movement and Dance Therapy with elements of Tantra, our mission is to expand a consciousness of as many human beings as possible and find personal answers to the most significant questions. We have always dreamt of conveying our message into even broader, international audience and therefore we are here 😍 and hopefully YOU ARE WITH US.


Created with mission, love and consciousness…

tantric Poland festival