Return the Primal Innocence – Eros as Medicine for Transformation

sensual retreat in Iceland

A unique opportunity to visit Iceland on a journey of self-discovery. “Learn to listen to the wise language of your body, emotions and sexuality in a safely held and heart-centred container, to truly discover why your soul chose this incarnation and how to live it to the full. Eros is the great magnifier for all […] » read more

Greek Tantra Holidays

Greek Tantra Festival

SEVEN DAYS OF MEDITATION, DANCE AND CELEBRATION!   Tantra Greece holidays is a beautiful and harmonious combination of Tantra practice with a holiday on one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Every day of this holiday is planned for you to enjoy, recharge your batteries, meet new and old friends and just simply feel […] » read more

Baltic Tantra Festival

The Baltic Tantric Festival is now in its 8th year! The festival organisers say: ‘Join the 6th Tantra festival in Latvia! Baltic Tantra Festival in Latvia gathers hundreds of people from all over the World to join these 4 days of Meditation, Dance and Celebration. Guided by highly experienced Tantra teachers you will go through […] » read more

The Intimate Revolution

intimate revolution festival

The Intimate Revolution is a sex-positive festival focused on consent, empathy and connection. They declare their is ‘to end loneliness and bad sex.’ Much like the Festival of Sensuality… The festival organisers say: ‘We believe that love involves more than the chase for the magical one & only, and that we need to change the […] » read more

Iyengar yoga, meditative arts and traditional tantra summer retreats

Welcome to the Iyengar Yoga, Meditative Arts and traditional Tantra summer retreats in the Sierra de Gredos, Spain. One of the jewels that Yoga offers us is to open our eyes to the beauty of life. Through the organic practice of Iyengar Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Krama and the meditative arts, we delve into the mysteries […] » read more

Tantric Joy Festival

tantra festival

Join us to explore different types of tantra practices with 30 international facilitators, 40 workshops, 3 Temple Nights, Concerts, Performances, Ecstatic Dance! We will share, learn, dance and grow together in the beautiful city venue of Odessa Muiderpoort in Amsterdam. Enjoy those images of love and connection in the festival celebrated in the Summer of […] » read more

Tantric Joy Festival Winter Edition

tantra festival in holland

The festival organisers say: Join us to explore different types of tantra practices with 25 international facilitators, 35 workshops, 2 Temple Nights, Concerts, Performances & Ecstatic Dance! We will share, learn, dance and grow together in the beautiful city venue of Odessa Muiderpoort in Amsterdam. The theme of the Winter edition is Abundance. Enjoy those […] » read more

7 Day Integral Yoga, Tantra, and Breathwork Retreat

tantra and yoga retreat

An opportunity to dive deeper into the essence of tantra and yoga through breath in Catalonia. The retreat organisers say: ‘Take this time to awaken your connection to self, other, and nature. What to expect? • Time-tested and evidenced-based Yoga and Tantra practices that are accessible and powerful, and that can benefit novices and more […] » read more

The secrets of tantric love with Margot Anand

tantric love with Margot Anand

The retreat organisers say: ‘We are delighted to share with you another internationally acclaimed tantra teacher who will be joining in at Awakeland this summer. In July, Margot Anand will be here with Gopal, to share with us the Secrets of tantric love. Margot is the founder of the oldest tantric school in the west. […] » read more

Tantra consciousness with Homa and Mukto

tantra retreat i portugal

This May internationally renowned meditation and tantra teachers, Homa and Mukto, will visit Awakeland, for the first time. It will be a great opportunity to work with them. They will take you on a journey from the endless thinking that our minds constantly provide us with, into our bodies and connect with our hearts and […] » read more

Iyengar Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Tantra Retreat 50h Yacep

yoga teaching

The way you live daily life is the key factor in determining the health and quality of your experience. It is also the factor over which you have the most control. You can’t control the weather or genetic makeup, but what you do every day increases your health, vitality, and resistance to disease, or wears […] » read more

Desire & Intimacy Retreat

tantra retreat in Holland

At the heart of our relationships is the desire for intimacy and authenticity. This retreat in Holland opens those doors. The retreat organisers say: ‘During this retreat we will learn what intimacy is, so that it can transform every relationship in your life. Are you honest with yourself and others? Do you recognize your feelings? […] » read more

So Life Method – Sacred Orgastic Life | Tantra & Surf Retreat

tantra and surf retreat

Who wouldn’t want to surf the sensual waves of their being – as well as the waves on a Portuguese beach? The tantra retreat organisers say: ‘Are you curious about Tantra and do you love Beachlife & Surfing? Or do you want to learn to Surf? Then this is the right retreat for you! We […] » read more

XI International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness, Shamanism and Relationship For Singles and Couples 

polish tantra festival

Tantra festivals are on the rise in Europe and the XI International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness, Shamanism and Relationship for Singles and Couples at the “Here and Now Center” in Poland is at the forefront of these. The tantra festival organisers say: ‘Do you want to: learn to feel true closeness to your loved one? […] » read more

The Festival of Sensuality

sensuality festival

Have you ever thought about going to a tantra festival but it seemed a bit too mystical? Have you ever thought about going to a sex-positive festival but it seemed a bit too kinky? Would you like to go to a festival that address sexuality, body awareness and communication in relationships? Then check out the […] » read more

To be confirmed: Tantra Festival

The 2021 edition is planned to be in August but the exact dates are not announced yet.  Whatever else the merits of the Tantra Festival might be it must be one of the cheapest tanra festivals in Europe.. The festival organizers say: “The Tantra Festival is a celebration of Tantra in all its forms. Tantra teachers […] » read more

To be confirmed: Ibiza Tantra Festival 

Ibiza Tantra Festival has a lot to offer (more than 45 workshops and 35 teachers!) and of course, an excellent location. The organizers say: “Enjoy the experience at a luxury resort exclusively reserved for the Ibiza Tantra Festival Tribe: A beautiful resort in the wild north of Ibiza, over the spectacular bay of Portinatx: pools, […] » read more

Sacred Earth Festival

We’re big fans of events that keep it small and beautiful, and Sacred Earth Festival does just that. The festival organisers say: “From the start in 2018 our vision has been to create a feeling of being part of One Family, belonging to Mother Earth and feeling empowered and safe in a loving tribe of […] » read more

Tantra 4 Gay Men TantraLove Festival

Why should tantra be only for heterosexuals? The festival organisers say: “Everyone needs a place where they can freely express themselves. The TantraLove Festival is an annual event where gay and bisexual men can explore their erotic bodies, indulge in sensual pleasure, grow spiritually and have mind-blowing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We’re super excited to announce the […] » read more

What is Tantra? What is a Tantra Festival?

tantra festival in white

Tantra, as all the tantra festivals will fall over themselves to tell you, isn’t just about sex.  It’s an ancient spiritual tradition with Hinduism that has been widely practiced across India and its origins are buried in the mists of time. Of course, anything New Age needs an ancient origin story to validate it but […] » read more