Algarve Contact Community Gathering

Dance and play with other freedom seekers at the Algarve Contact Community Gathering. This meeting of creatives celebrates local artists, dancers, and musicians in a cozy, countryside backdrop. Activities include a variety of dance workshops, jams, and sharing events over the course of seven days.

The festival organizers say:

“Let’s create together! ALGARVE CONTACT COMMUNITY GATHERING. A community project working on an eye to eye level, supporting the residential artists, celebrating our unique art creations and blessing our land with lots of love and energy for the future to blossom!- ALL ART IS LOCAL”

“Together we created a deep bond and love towards Contact Improvisation and movement. Gathering, moving and playing regularly in different jam spaces in the Algarve, we have all the resources and qualities within our communities to create a powerful and colourful Contact Gathering! We are inviting you and the international community to dance into our unique cosmic play. The aliveness of this wide community and creativity is endless. With our movement and call to action we want to meet other contact communities, share our hearts in motion, and get in touch with you!”

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