Tantra consciousness with Homa and Mukto

This May internationally renowned meditation and tantra teachers, Homa and Mukto, will visit Awakeland, for the first time. It will be a great opportunity to work with them.

They will take you on a journey from the endless thinking that our minds constantly provide us with, into our bodies and connect with our hearts and the present moment.

They call this space Tantra Consciousness.

Throughout the retreat you will be guided to explore and strengthen different dimensions of the human experience: our strength, vulnerability, sensitivity.

As we create more interior space, limiting conditioning loses its power. With new courage and confidence we experience ourselves as vibrant and alive beings feeling the love that surrounds us.

In this space one can find more love for oneself and those around you.

Exploring the heart will not only change the way you relate, it will also improve the quality of your entire life.

Both singles and couples are welcome to this heart opening event.

Who are Homa and Mukto?

Homa & Mukto have facilitated workshops and trainings around the world for over 30 years, touching the lives of thousands of people.

They are loved and respected for their simplicity and ability to convey what they teach not only with words but also with their presence.

Learn more about Tantra Consciousness with Homa and Mukto!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at love@awakeland.pt

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