Bio Dynamic Rebalancing Massage Training

osho centre, greece

Become  a professional massage therapist on the beautiful island of Lesvos, Greece at the Osho Afroz Centre. The retreat organisers say: ‘A golden opportunity to learn thorough and effective therapeutic Rebalancing massage skills in a meditative atmosphere and become a freelance professional healer/massage therapist.. ‘In this training you can discover, experience, and learn the art […] » read more

Awaken as Love Stages 1 and 2

Employing a blend of techniques such as tantra, biodanza and shamanic rituals, the Awake As Love retreats are part of the varied program offered at the retreat center, Awakeland, in South Portugal. Stage 1 – The Initiation The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begins with a choice to […] » read more

ISTA Level 1 – Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience

ISTA stands for the International School of Temple Arts and this is the first level that’s taught in a series of courses hosted at Awakeland. The retreat organisers say: ‘The first step towards sovereignty.   A retreat that shows you how to have a joyous, majestic life.   You will be guided as the best way […] » read more

Inner Union with Ashik and Shamim

Inner Union is one of many fascinating retreats offered by the Awakeland Centre in South Portugal.   The retreat organisers say: ‘An invitation to find balance and harmony within.  One will never have a healthy relationship outside of the body until we have a healthy relationship inside. In this course we observe and honour the […] » read more

Journey to the Heart Retreat in the Sahara Desert

As retreats go this one looks like an exceptional experience – who needs a fancy hotel when you’re camped in such style in the dunes of the Sahara Desert? Inspired by Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist, you have the chance to experience kundalini yoga, breathwork, chanting and sound healing in a magical setting. The retreat organisers […] » read more

8 Day Light Italy Week: Yoga Vacation

Just one more reason to visit Italy… To practice yoga, enjoy nature, and of course, indulge yourself with delicious Mediterranean food. The retreat organizers say: “Depart for a journey, discover your deeper SELF and the people that surround you. Re-discover why human interactions are the key to happiness and participate in yoga classes and cultural […] » read more

7 Day Cellular Spa-Detox, Pilates & Yoga Retreat

This is a luxury one. We wanted to include one luxury option on our list. This retreat was featured in the National Geographic Traveller’s (UK) “The Collection of Luxury Spas”, which suggests that they must be doing something right! The retreat organizers say: “Feel your energy levels increase and your skin glow with a luxury […] » read more

4 Days Meaningful Detox Oct 2020: Nutrition, Life Coaching, and Yoga Retreat

You will be away from home, engaging with like-minded people from different backgrounds and practicing yoga in a beautiful boutique hotel. The retreat organizers say: “A holistic retreat including life coaching, nutrition, yoga and meditation, and social engagement. A setting to disconnect, to refocus, and to find purpose in life. A boutique hotel in a […] » read more

7 Day “Yoga, Surf & Nourish” Retreat

During the day you will keep yourself busy with surfing and practicing yoga and during the evening you will have restorative sessions. The retreat organizers say: “Imagine peace and tranquility in the most beautiful surroundings of the Algarve, Portugal. High-quality Yoga in small groups, great surf, and a cooking workshop. It will be a wonderful […] » read more

7 Day Yoga & Hiking Retreat

There is something meditative about hiking… This retreat will remind you about that feeling. Hiking in a beautiful natural park and practicing yoga is what your days will be about. The retreat organizers say: “Imagine peace and tranquility in the most beautiful surroundings of the Algarve, Portugal. High-quality Yoga in small groups. Hiking with a […] » read more

5 Day Yoga & Beachlife Retreat

Practicing yoga by the beach. Isn’t that sentence tempting enough… The retreat organizers say: “Welcome to our Beachlife & Yoga Retreat in Halkidiki, Greece the 9th to 13th of September. We have 5 days of greatness planned for you, packed with love for your body, mind, and soul. Are You Ready For Some Soulful Fun? […] » read more

5 Days Yoga Retreat in Kyparissia

You will be learning about breathing techniques, energy locks, practice meditation and yoga with an experienced teacher. The retreat organizers say: “A retreat based on Integral Yoga which includes 3 hours of yoga practices daily, in a hidden luxury resort hotel with a stunning sea view, in the middle of an olive yard. The practices […] » read more

3 Days Luxurious Champneys Health Spa Retreat with Meditation

They have a very rich program in which you will dance, move, have spa time, practice yoga and meditation. The retreat organizers say: “Chillout Retreats and Champneys Health Spa offers their established retreat expertise and award-winning formula to bring you the ultimate chillout experience. Throughout your weekend with them, you can relax, enjoy the vast […] » read more

7 Day Rebalancing Yoga Retreat

Guaranteed you will learn a lot about Chinese medicine in this retreat. The retreat organizers say: “Join me in a beautiful luxury villa on Brac Island in Croatia. We will be practicing daily Yoga, Meditation and massage beside the sea. Regenerate yourself with yoga classes on a large terrace with sea views, relax with a […] » read more

8 Day Presence and Power Retreat

Ahh what’s more relaxing than a day at the spa? Well, you will have a lot of those days in this retreat. What’s more? A complimentary 30-minute relaxing massage upon arrival. The retreat organizers say: “Join Selena Garefino in paradise at the Aegialis Hotel and Spa and take a deep dive into the heart of […] » read more

6 Days Tantra Yoga Retreat for Men

There are not many retreats for men, which makes this one unique. The retreat organizers say: “Experience six days of pure Tantra Yoga for men only: Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, Bandhas, and meditation. Not acquisition of Siddhis (psychic powers), nor black magic, nor licentious living, nor occult sex. Whether you are a sensualist or a spiritualist, […] » read more

6 Day Yogi Adventure and Meditation

Spend 6 days improving your body and mind in Portugal. Yoga, pilates and meditation classes will be waiting for you. They have more dates available. The retreat organizers say: “Imagine a week on the area of the “Moon Hill” – Sintra. Yoga. Delicious healthy food. Stunning coastline and close proximity to nature’s beauty. A chance […] » read more

8 Day Energizing Yoga Retreat by the Sea

A private retreat by the sea in beautiful Malta. The program can be adapted to your wishes and they have more dates available. The retreat organizers say: “Are you looking for relaxation, new energy and some time for reflection by the sea? Taking a break from daily life at the magical island of Calypso? Then […] » read more

3 Day Fluidity Yoga & Surf Eco Retreat on the Beach in Porto

Surf, yoga, paddling, ocean walks, bike riding, healthy food, small group, and small village… If these sound appealing, you should check this one out. They have more dates available. The retreat organizers say: “Enjoy this short trip to the ocean and take this opportunity to dive into the magic world of surf and yoga. You […] » read more

6 Day Yoga, Sound Bath and Cultural Retreat

Let’s start with the basics… What is a sound bath? Here is something to read about sound bath. The retreat organizers say: “Yoga, sound bath, and culture. Indulge your body, mind, and soul, titillating your senses with only the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells that the beautiful island of Santorini can offer!” Learn more about […] » read more