Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Holland

Awaken as love in Holland this summer.   “Join James Stevenson, Taina Ixchel and Afke Lotus Reijenga right after the tantra festival in the signature Awaken as Love training that offers a deep immersion into Tantra, Shamanism, Biodanza and Integral theory. Designed to help awaken your personal and evolutionary potential at a new level of consciousness. […] » read more

Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Sweden

Awaken as love in Sweden this summer.   “Join Monique Darling, David Taurel and Peter Petersen in the signature Awaken as Love training that offers a deep immersion into Tantra, Shamanism, Biodanza and Integral theory. Designed to help awaken your personal and evolutionary potential at a new level of consciousness. Finding yourself awakened at the […] » read more

Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Poland

Who wouldn’t want to awaken as love?   “Join James Stevenson, Taina Ixchel and Violetta Labela in the signature Awaken as Love training that offers a deep immersion into Tantra, Shamanism, Biodanza and Integral theory. Designed to help awaken your personal and evolutionary potential at a new level of consciousness. Finding yourself awakened at the centre […] » read more

Yoga retreat in Albania

yoga retreat in Albania

w The yoga retreat organisers say: “We’re passionate about helping individuals ground themselves and re-educating them on the importance of relaxation that’s why we are doing this retreat. Our contagious enthusiasm inspires others who seek peace of mind to overcome anxiety and expectations. We are dedicated to create a safe and welcoming environment that encourages […] » read more

Tantra yoga retreat – from mind through body to source

tantra yoga retreat in france

YOUR BODY IS YOUR MOST SACRED TEMPLE Experience the total freedom to be you. Awake, aware, present – in the here and now. Your body is a sacred temple. This course is all about experiencing yourself as a unique loving being. Tantra is not about ‘bodies touching bodies’, but about ‘buddhas meeting buddhas’. We learn […] » read more

Summer Dance Retreat – Radical Embodiment

Summer dance retreat in France

SUMMER DANCE welcomes you to this joyful, nourishing and uplifting festival, to celebrate life in all its forms, with all its challenges. A wild, tender, yummy mix of dance, movement and voice workshops, time in nature, time together and time for yourself. 65 participants, 6 teachers, more then 8 workshops daily to choose from, 7 days of […] » read more

Return the Primal Innocence – Eros as Medicine for Transformation

turkey tantra festival

A unique opportunity to visit Turkey on a journey of self-discovery. “Learn to listen to the wise language of your body, emotions and sexuality in a safely held and heart-centred container, to truly discover why your soul chose this incarnation and how to live it to the full. Eros is the great magnifier for all […] » read more

Give yourself a gift – touch and be touched! We are all longing for belonging. We welcome you to discover this belonging in your own temple, your body. Peel off the layer of social conditioning and connect to your true, unbonded, authentic self. Stop running around, chasing love. Lean back and become loved. We invite you […] » read more

Taketina & Nuad – Alpine-Retreat

taketina retreat

Taketina is a dynamic groove meditation. Different layers of rhythm intertwine in patterns of steps, claps and voice. Your body is the instrument. The instant your mind manages to let go, your senses open for the beauty of the moment – and the peace of being fully present will cause a state of joy and […] » read more

New Year’s Retreat: Umnani, No Mind in the Mountains of Spain

New Year’s Eve Retreat 𝐔𝐍𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐈, means that intimate encounter with your true self. 𝐔𝐍𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐈 means beyond the mind. It is that state that is between wakefulness and sleep. In this state the Yogi is neither awake nor asleep. This year-end and New Year’s Eve retreat is taught from the integration of Iyengar Yoga, hatha Yoga, […] » read more

Bhumi Fest

bhumi festival in Spain

Bhumi Fest bridges the gap between celebratory festivals and sitting in peaceful silence in a transformational retreat to bring you the experience of a festival! You will be amongst a conscious community of passionate individuals who share a deep commitment to personal growth and learning. During the retreat, you will unlock the innate wisdom of […] » read more

Climbing and Yoga Retreat in Portugal

A determined man scales the towering red rocks with the vast blue sea as his backdrop

Located in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, above Praia Grande beach, and surrounded by steep forests, Star Pine Lodge is a getaway for outdoor sports aficionados. Yoga, surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding are just a few of the activities available. “The lodge features a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes it simple […] » read more

Greece Writing Retreat

A group of friends and colleagues gather around a table on a terrace with a stunning view of the Peloponnese in the background.

Are you sick of being surrounded by noise and distractions all the time? Do you need some quiet time to let your inner Shakespeare or Picasso out? So, my friend, stop looking because a 8 Day Yoga Holiday and Writer’s Retreat is coming in Peloponnese, Greece. At Limnisa the only sounds you’ll hear are the […] » read more

Wild Forest Awaking Retreat

A meditating woman facing a tree in the middle of a forest, with sunlight sparkling through her

The Rising Soul Community is organizing a rewilding Yoga and Nature immersion in May 2023! “We are offering a five-night, six-day retreat upgrade, in addition to our Earth & Spirit Retreat. The upgrade costs 50 euros per day and includes free access to all workshops and special sessions during the retreat. The price for rooms varies.” […] » read more

Spring Cleanse & Rebirth Detox Yoga Retreat

A beautiful yoga retreat setting in the Italian countryside

Elemental Yoga Retreat is a week-long program that offers daily yoga classes for people of all skill levels, even those with no previous yoga or meditation experience. “This retreat aims to provide a relaxing and nurturing environment for attendees to reconnect with themselves and nature. We offer a rustic, authentic experience with Italian hospitality, healthy […] » read more

Hiking & Yoga Retreat

A beautiful swimming pool nestled in the stunning Masca Valley in Tenerife

In September 2023 you can go experience the beauty and serenity of the Teno mountains with Wanderlust Yoga at Mandala de Masca. “Each day, you’ll have the chance to participate in yoga and breathwork sessions. You’ll enjoy invigorating hikes, taking part in guided meditations. And when you’re not out exploring the great outdoors, you’ll be […] » read more

Retiro Renacer – Rebirth Retreat

Gong Bath session with people lying on a circle on the ground

Spring brings renewal and new energy. The purpose of the Semana Santa 2023 – Retiro Renacer is to connect with nature’s energy and tap into our own vitality. “We will walk towards our dreams and higher purposes. Through yoga, breathing, sacred sexuality, and conscious movement, we will activate energy and reach higher states of spirit.”

The Tantric Couple Retreat

Visionary art design of a man and a woman facing each other, with swirling geometric shapes and patterns surrounding them

These Tantric Couple Weekends are a three part series retreats held in the Netherlands. They are designed to help participants reach higher states of consciousness and bliss through tantric practices with their partner. “We will help participants elevate each other out of mundane reality and into a more blissful reality.” The Tantric Couple Retreat will include […] » read more

Retiro Mujer Útero-Corazón

Woman practicing Kundalini yoga in standing and downward facing dog poses

The Retiro Mujer Útero-Corazón is a time for women to connect with themselves and each other, supporting and nurturing their feminine creative energy. It is a time to be present with oneself without demands or haste, with calm, love, and presence. “We will establish a SACRED CONNECTION between the UTERUS and the HEART. This meridian […] » read more

Heart of Wisdom

Aerial view of a meditation center located on the north coast of Ireland

A weekend meditation retreat on the Atlantic coast based on Rinpoche’s book, “The New Heart of Wisdom.” Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Chitta will help you bring the Heart Sutra to life in your daily lives. The Heart Sutra is a teaching from Buddha that offers protection and inner peace. The organizer says: “This will be a […] » read more