Samsara Yoga Village and Psybient Music Festival

On the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary will be Samsara which is a fusion of yoga and psybient music. We must be getting old because we don’t know what psybient means.

The organisers say:

“Samsara Festival Europe welcomes you and all the world’s contemporary tribes to its second summer celebration of the free spirit, love, peace & unity – where the chill stage is the main stage. For ages 0-116.”

“Second edition of the worldwide psychedelic murmuration for yoga, music, dance and nature lovers hosting lecturers, instructors, teachers, trainers, mentors, coaches, tutors, advisers, guides, demonstrators, psychologists, doctors, healers, anatomists, gurus, shamans, curers, medicine men and therapists along with a full moon psybient music festival. 120 yoga workshops, seances and lectures followed by 90 music artists and DJs on Chill, Alternative and World Music stages – hidden deep into our private forest surrounding the fantasy village of Samsara – a thousand ways of consciousness.”

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