Ab ‘in Pott Convention 2022

Four fun and flaming days dedicated to creativity, movement, juggling, and play, Ab ‘in Pott Convention in Germany is back for a whole lot of fun this year as well.

While the dates mentioned are currently confirmed, the organisers request the participants to contact them from the 1st of March onward to check any updates or changes in the schedule due to the pandemic situation.


Feuerpädagogik e.V./Facebook

The festival organisers say (translated):

“It has been over a year now, isn’t it? And bang, there it is again! Come join us ‘in Pott! Bring your buddies, balls, clubs, rings, and what-not of anything you can juggle — along with anything you would love to share with us.

We are happy to be able to continue an old tradition of teaching and learning with a series of workshops as well. If you would like to offer workshops, designs, and art yourself, do contact us. The more you offer, the more the community can enjoy, and more fun for everyone. We look forward to seeing you!”

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