Ecstatic Dance Winter Festival

Welcome, this winter we will create a heartwarming space full of dance and liveness!

Freiburg ecstatic dance festival


– Every morning and evening Ecstatic Dance
– Yoga
– Singing Circles
– Cacao Ritual
– Workshops
– Contact Improvisation
– Kids Space

Since we are together in this wonderful place all weekend, we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves even deeper in the dance and the community. More and more people are now coming from all over Germany and Europe. We look forward to meeting many new people!


A large beautiful gym with high ceilings for dancing. A good 150 people can dance here with plenty of space.

We also rent a large hall for workshops, singing groups, playing and getting together.

There is a great room for the children with creative materials and toys.


The school kitchen is served by a great cooking team with lovingly homemade vegetarian organic food. There are 3 meals a day and delicious hot drinks that can be booked as a whole package. (Gluten-free and vegan possible)

Learn more about the  Ecstatic Dance Winter Festival!

See you soon in the sacred dancefloor