Amerta Movement Retreat

This retreat takes place in Ovilo its in a stunning landscape characterized by energetically charged granite rocks and dancing trees, where participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and explore movement with partners.

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Amerta Movement is an artistic movement that embraces and promotes various forms of movement, encompassing dance, martial arts, yoga, and everyday life. It aims to help individuals find their own personal flow and expression in movement. The practice integrates all these forms and seeks to reconnect them to their essential source of power, resulting in an ongoing process of creativity. At the core of Amerta Movement is the question of “What am I doing right now?”, which leads practitioners to explore the issues that resonate with them the most. This approach is valuable for anyone seeking self-expression and inner alignment.

Amerta Movement was initiated by Suprapto Suryodarmo, an Indonesian movement artist deeply influenced by Javanese philosophy and meditation. It is both an improvisational practice and a way of life that encourages receptivity and self-awareness. The practice can be performed in various settings, including enclosed spaces, nature, and sacred spaces such as churches or temples. Retreats and workshops are available for those interested in experiencing Amerta Movement firsthand.

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[there is also a retreat 23-28 October in Sardinia!]