New Year Retreat in the Mountais of Spain | Iyengar Yoga, Meditative Arts and Traditional Tantra

π”ππŒπ€ππˆ, It means that intimate encounter with your true self. π”ππŒπ€ππˆ means beyond the mind. It is that state that is between wakefulness and sleep.

In this state the Yogi is neither awake nor asleep.

From the integration of Iyengar Yoga, hatha Yoga, vinyasa krama and the tantric non-dualism of Kashmir. Delves into the practice of Yoga, meditation, human relations, communication and traditional Kashmiri tantra.

An intimate retreat for 20 people in the Sierra de Gredos. Submerged between oaks and mountains … a silent, beautiful, magical and perfect place to say goodbye to 2021 and to welcome 2022 …
πŸŒ€ UNMANI refers to a different and natural way of perceiving the world, the return to the instinctive, animal and therefore natural. Like alchemy itself, we propose a retreat where you can dilute the experiences of 2021 in the exhale, but not without first taking the learning into all the pores of the skin and transforming it into something light, beautiful and friendly. We will welcome the new year by planting strong seeds of purpose, gratitude, and compassion.

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