To Be Confirmed: Festiv’Arts

A festive event rich in joy, culture, community, and artistic discoveries, Festiv’arts comes to the streets of France every Spring with renewed vigor every single year.

The purpose of the event is to promote street art as well as performances by local artists including music, dancing, juggling, theatre, and more. The event is organized by Festiv’arts Student Association since 2002.

After the 2020 edition was postponed, the dates of this year’s event are yet to be confirmed.


Festiv’arts – Festival d’arts de rue/Facebook

The festival organizers say (translated):

“All Festiv’Arts projects are based on fundamental values ​​for the association:

  • the accessibility of culture which has been free of charge at Festiv’Arts for 18 years
  • an eco-responsible festival with the use of eco-cups, the use of sorting bins and dry toilets but also the participation in the local economy allowing to work for the promotion of short circuits
  • the promotion of local artists with a program combining groups and companies from various backgrounds
  • the training of students in the fields of cultural events through transmission between the different generations of the association”

Learn more at Festiv’Arts