Холодок 2022: Kaleidoscope

Холодок is a unique take on the Burning Man culture by the Russian Burners community. It is an event that unreservedly celebrates Russian art, culture, and cold winter weather that is an inherent part of the country. (Холодок translates to “chill” or “coolness”).

The location of this year’s event is yet to be confirmed.


The festival organisers say (translated):

“Холодок 2022: Kaleidoscope is a winter fantasy of the Russian Burners community, diverse but united by common principles.
We are different, with unique characters, talents, and desires. And in February we will get together for the fourth time to build a temporary city. Chill is our experiment in creating a place where everyone cares for each other and gives emotions, from which – like a kaleidoscope of pieces of glass – the history of our community is formed.”

Learn more at: Холодок 2022