Inner Union with Ashik and Shamim

Inner Union is one of many fascinating retreats offered by the Awakeland Centre in South Portugal.


The retreat organisers say:

‘An invitation to find balance and harmony within. 

One will never have a healthy relationship outside of the body until we have a healthy relationship inside.

In this course we observe and honour the yin and yang inside of us before we look outside.

During this course you will be given the tools to help with:

– forgiveness of ourselves, accepting and integrating the shadow aspects, creating a sacred marriage.

-celebrating  the union of these energies in balance and then will the healthy union manifest outside.

-connecting with nature, allowing the  land to show you how to create a healthy mature inner union.

Most retreats and festivals operate with the external, connecting with others, in this course you will look deep inside to see how we operate with ourselves.

You can spend lots of money on festivals and retreats looking for your soul mate or in training looking inside for answers, but until you recognise the yin and yang inside, there can be no balance or harmony within or without.

Although this is an individual process you will be invited to integrate the shadow of the collective, forgiving parents, grandparents and ancestors to free yourself from the karmic tie.  As you forgive yourself you forgive the collective.

The goal of this course is to find the balance and harmony inside.  To integrate and celebrate tunity, that will bring us peace and joy both within and without our lives.’


The Venue

‘Awakeland Portugal is situated between the Monchique mountain and the Atlantic ocean. Awakeland is a unique community in Europe based on the principles of meditation, yoga and shamanism. We offer meditation, yoga and bodywork workshops, retreats and therapies, with various types of accommodation to suit your needs.  We are constantly evolving to fit the ever-changing flow of our society. Awakeland invites the opportunity to go deeper inside ourselves, closer to our true essence. To be present, tapping into the spirit of mindfulness meditation therapy and self-discovery. A place for us all to come together, to grow and share in truth.’

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