ISTA – Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience in the Hills of the Algarve

The retreat organisers say:

‘On the 24th May Awakeland will host the International Schools of Temple Arts – ISTA – Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience, a powerful retreat that will reconnect you with life force, the healthy sexual energy that has been suppressed in us for centuries.

As you journey, allowing all the conditioning to fall away, you will be able to feel the love of our community, allowing you to totally reconnect with your essence.

Awakeland is an alive tantric community with residents living in the field all year and that is unique!

You will be supported by this land, Awakeland, which was born and lives with the intention of collaborating with all who visit it.

What will you connect with on this path of remembrance?

  • The ability to seek wisdom from your body and heart, instead of your mind.
  • To love yourself, to feel the healing power of pleasure.
  • A spotlight on how culture, religion, and society has kept us from expressing who we really are.
  • Powerful rituals that bring deep healing and power reclamation.
  • An opportunity to consider what your life might look like if it was not controlled by society’s expectations.
  • The knowledge of what it truly is to be a sovereign being

This 7-day retreat will be led by Komala Lyra and co-led by Elaine Young and Dhyan Niten.

What the teachers say:
“It’s not a school that teaches anything, as weird as that sounds, it’s a school of remembrance, it’s a school that brings us back to learn again from ourselves, from our own intuition from our own intelligence, from our own life force. It’s a school that brings out the beauty of human beings in freedom, in love, in power. It’s more like an anti-school, in reality, because the education that most of us have had, has been an education that has suppressed our connection with our deepest core of who we are, with our intelligence, with our capacity to trust ourselves, with the power of our life force, and with our erotic force”. Komala Lyra

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