Women’s Wilderness Solo

There is too much noise all around nowadays… We are connected to our jobs, electronic devices, (mostly online) friends, homes, social media accounts, hobbies, and daily rituals. Only thing we are not really connected to is our inner selves.

This retreat will give you the chance to disconnect from your regular connections and reconnect with yourself and nature. You may befriend birds and trees during your solo retreat in which you will go with only a backpack and spend three days and three nights sitting and fasting at a spot in the Swedish forest. When you come back to your regular world, things may be the same but hopefully you will have a new perspective and a better inner calmness.

The Women’s Wilderness Solo organizers say:

“Do you long for the Earth sometimes? Do you feel the need to spend time in a circle with other women? Do you long for solitude? Join us in the north!”

The Women’s Wilderness Solo will take place at the West coast of Sweden at about half an hour from Gothenburg. You may get more information about the solo by visiting their website or contacting your guides Lien liendecoster7@gmail.com and Tsila tsilapiran@gmail.com