Heart Culture Festival

(2020 dates to be confirmed)

This is a really friendly little hippie festival in South Austria.

The festival organisers say:

The Heart-Culture is an Essence-ial Awareness supporting and loving each other as One unified Family. A culture in which we learn and appreciate the life of the family. By side, Children, Families, Friends and Animals message from Heart to heart around the world.

Expanding our life through music and being offered a colorful spectrum of meaningful interactions, workshop experiences and food sensations boosts our energy and allows our natural flow to flow through again … the healing medicine that lets us unfold organically into a safe and collected space. A space we all cherish so much and effortlessly with strong drive and soulful intention, each adding their flavor and spice to the gathering. The Melting Pot of the annual Heartculture Festival truly has a magical pillar of sorts …. every person has a part to play, as a small or big as it may be. It is a wonderful, lifecourse-changing gift on many levels, for many many lovely beings.”

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