Festival 23

Dates To Be Announced

Festival 23: Propagation of Wonder will be an interesting festival for you if these words mean something to you : Twenty Three Enigma. The festival will include live music, theatre, installations, DJs, spoken word, podcasts, films, talks and playshops. If you are a fan of Alan Watts, Kerry Thornley & Greg Hill, Robert Anton Wilson & Bob Shea, William Burroughs, Ken Campbell, you will be able to enjoy meeting other like-minded people at this festival.

The organizers say :

“Festival 23 will be an Experience. A ritual for ritual’s sake. A gathering of mischevious spirits, subversive individuals, seekers with creative intent, who wish to inspire and to be inspired. An interactive celebration of literature and the arts, of theatre, playshops and music inspired by the Discordian movement.”

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