Small is Beautiful Festival

(2019 dates to be confirmed)

Read the book? Small is Beautiful from E.F Schumacher?

We’ve looked at the back cover blurb a number of times and made plans to read it one day when intelligence upgrades can be downloaded at will, but if you were a thinking person and are looking for a festival where you do more than make dreamcatchers and gossip about chem trails, Small is Beautiful Festival might be the one for you.

The organisers say:

The Small is…Festival is a celebration of sustainable ideas influenced by E.F. Schumacher’s seminal work ‘Small Is Beautiful’. The festival combines practical workshops, hard-hitting debates and inspiring talks from leading minds in engineering, sustainability and social change, with an innovative artistic programme responding to and challenging festival content.

‘Carefully curated content will allow students, artists, academics and the general public to collaboratively explore the role of technology and art in building a sustainable future.’

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