WildHeart Festivals 2016

The WildHeart Gathering takes place twice this year, with the second time in Devon being dated here. The first is in Sussex in May from the 27th – 30th. From the looks of it this festival has all the good stuff you’ve come to expect from a top drawer gathering, including music, dancing, workshops, cabaret, yoga, meditation, stuff to do with the environment, shamanism, tai chi, and of course families are welcome.


A thousand-word photo.









We’ll let WildHeart’s video out of Devon take it away from here:

The organizers say:

“This year we are collaborating with some crazily talented musicians and all around love magic makers. Making music to jump around to, soothe your soul and break your heart with sweet surrender.”

As well as:

“The healing meadow is nestled in a quiet part of the festival. This shanti sanctuary of bliss is the perfect place to connect with your self and inner well being to promote healthy rejuvenation.”

And of course:

“With respect for the environment and a leave no trace policy WildHeart strives to maintaining a high standard of ecological care. We are powered by the sun and have compost toilets. We encourage lift sharing and have had a bio diesel powered bus ferrying people to and from the site.”

More information at WildHeart Gathering.