International Tantra Festival in Poland

Dates To Be Announced

Tantra festivals are on the rise in Europe and the Polish Tantra Festival at the Here and Now Centre is at the forefront of these.

Tantra festivals Poland

The festival organisers say:

  • If you wish to learn how to feel a real closeness with a person you love
  • If you want more depth and bond in your relationships
  • If you want to feel more alive, full of love and joy
  • If you want to learn how to experience deep love and intimacy
  • If you want to find out what embodied spirituality is –

than this festival is a perfect place and time for You!

You will meet Tantra facilitators from all around the world! You will experience a meeting with Tantra that combines sexuality, awareness, personal and spiritual development.

  1. We invite you to spend 10 days in an atmosphere of joy, friendship, sensuality, pleasure and fun!

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