Connection Festival

Connection Festival close to Sevilla apparently needs no introduction – at least there isn’t any on their website. What there’s going to be, however, is a week filled with Goa trance and a limited number of participants (1500, to be precise).

Their AfterMovie from 2016 probably gives the best introduction about what to expect:

The organisers say :

“After two very hard years trying to maintain the comfort of our audience, we decided to change location: we have sought to maintain the magic of our venerated “Batán de las Monjas” and improve everything that we could not offer there in terms of comfort for our connectors. After these last two years in which we have had increasingly difficult access with cars and caravans, the parking of caravans and cars at the festival… With our connectors in an increasingly uncomfortable situation… For the survival of your festival we change venue. Not without thanking the unconditional support of the people of San Nicolás del Puerto and the “Batán de las Monjas” to Connection Festival these 5 years. They will always be in our heart.”

“We have capacity for up to 5000 people !!! The Main Stage will have twice the size to jump and dance all much more comfortable in our beloved “Oldschool Temple” !! And above all remember that this work team is more excited than ever to demonstrate that our mistakes of the past are improvable in a space like the one we are going to work only for you!”

Early Bird Promo Tickets are 75 € from the 1st of December to the 31st of December or until sold out.

Learn more about Connection Festival on their website. and see the confirmed lineup on their Facebook page