ZNA Gathering

(2020 dates to be confirmed)

A week of trance, love and unity at a beautiful lakeside in Portugal – that’s what ZNA Gatherings are aiming for according to their impressively psychedelic website.

As the organisers put it: “Some of us have been exposed to huge amounts of psychedelic emotions back in the nineties, many of us in the famous ‘fluoresta do Zambujal’, where countless parties, and the 3 first editions of the Boom festival took place. The Zambu share a ritual in which dancers are the main ingredients, and where it is all about the collective experience influencing the perception of the self and generating Love trough Art, Dance and togetherness. The ZNA is the specific genetic code of the Zambu people.”

They might be on to something.

Learn more about ZNA Gatherings on their website. or their their Facebook page.