Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival

How many musicians have a festival named after them?

Django Reinhardt is held in a special kind of awe not only for being such a great guitarist despite missing a few fingers, but because he was a gypsy who was taken seriously by the non-gypsy world and because a household name. If your house is into gypsy swing music.

Anyway the Samois-sur-Seine festival is the place to find the best gypsy swing guitar music in Europe along with clarinets and violins and great jam sessions in the streets as well as live performances.

The organisers say:

“Howdy partners ! It’s time for yet another get- together in the leafy Ile du Berceau to pay a tribute to the most famous of gipsies, the genius of guitar playing : Django Reinhardt!

In 1968, a handful of aficionados sowed the seeds of a festival that has now come into full bloom. It had its ups and downs, went through a number of rain storms, including some fierce gales. We were once the only ones to give its voice to gypsy jazz-music, and later relished the renewed interest it entailed as we came into the limelight.”

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