Contact Festival Austria

(2018 dates to be confirmed)

What can one say about contact festivals that hasn’t already been said? You move about, you make contact with other humans, rolling on the floor happens, smiles emerge, and everyone goes home feeling rejuvenated about dancing their name. We’ll just let their video take it away:

The organizers say:

“It is likely that we all have experienced moments dancing when we feel powerful, free and confident—when we can adeptly navigate whatever is put in front of us with grace and joy. What creates this quality of delight and presence that makes us feel 100% ALIVE?

There is no formula to create the magic that is so deeply nourishing in a dance. However, we can hone our physical and mental skills to adeptly navigate any terrain, to relax into the moment and nurture a vast spectrum of states. Then entering in to that sense of extraordinary aliveness becomes more and more possible.”

Check out more at Contact Festival Austria.