To be confirmed: Spiral Knights Eco-Fest

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event…

Free and Real is a community on the enormous island of Evia where they have an impressive set up with huge geodesic domes and yurts and a lot going on, seemingly, if you can make sense of the endless visionary blurb. In September, they’re holding an eco-fest. So plenty of capoeira, acro-yoga, acrobatics going on, as well as learning how to make those amazing geodesic domes.

The organizers say:

“4 to 13 of September 2020 will be the fourth year of the Spiral Knights Eco-Festival, continuing on the amazing work that has been done the 3 previous years, establishing even stronger, lasting relations with the local community, other NGOs, in-formal teams, sustainable business and companies, facilitators and all participators and volunteers and also continuing the spreading of the message for a more sustainable and with respect, equality, awareness and learning.”

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