Spiral Knights Eco-Fest

Free and Real is a community on the enormous island of Evia where they have an impressive set up with huge geodesic domes and yurts and a lot going on, seemingly, if you can make sense of the endless visionary blurb. In September, they’re holding an eco-fest. So plenty of capoeira, acro-yoga, acrobatics going on, as well as learning how to make those amazing geodesic domes.

The organizers say:

“Spiral Knights Eco-Fest is an educational event and open call for people from all over Greece and the world to celebrate and appreciate sustainability in all its aspects and forms. The festival takes place at the foothills of the Telethrion mount of Evia island at 480 meters height, in central Greece. The durations of the festival is 6 days, it has the capacity of hosting around 350 campers and hundreds more visitors that can pass through the festival grounds every day with no cost. It’s an event that is being created from the ground up, every summer and it is totally off-grid. Low impact technologies and renewable energy resources are being used for its operation.

Its educational character comes through by more than 300 seminars, practical workshops, presentations and talks of the following categories: 1) Natural environment and community living, 2) Education: Raising awareness around our environmental challenges and Eco design tools, appropriate present and future technologies, 3) Health: Nutrition, mental-body physical activities and wellbeing, 4) Celebration of cultures merging with sustainability.”

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