Rainbow Gatherings Around the World

We keep an up to date list of where the next Rainbow Gatherings are in Europe but we thought we might keep a slightly more incomplete list of Rainbow Gatherings around the world, too 🙂

Rainbow Gatherings are not festivals, however. If you would like to go to one please know that:

  • you should not bring alcohol, drugs and electronics
  • there is no leader or organiser – if you come then you are part of it
  • bring a spoon, a cup and a bowl
  • Rainbow Gatherings are funded by your donations after each meal

Brasilian Rainbow Gathering 29 April – 29 May

in Iguai in the state of Bahia.

Rainbow Gathering in India 30 April – 30 May

In the Himalayas close to the village of Barot.

Taiwan Rainbow Gathering 1-30 May

On the east of the island.

Ecuador Rainbow Gathering 30 May – 29 June

American Rainbow Gathering in Colorado 10-30 June (seed camp) and 1-7 July (actual Gathering)

The seed camp is probably the best bit before the whole carnival of tens of thousands of people begins 🙂

Canadian Rainbow Gathering 28 June – 28 July

In Nova Scotia.

Argentinian Rainbow Gathering 28 July – 27 August

In Tucuman, in the north-west of Argentina.

Honduras Rainbow Gathering 28 July – 27 August

Healing Rainbow in Pakistan 10 August – 9 September

Hopefully not in a heatwave..