Ecstatic dance sessions are as easy to find these days as yoga or contact improv and now we're starting to see ecstatic dance festivals become more and more common. ecstatic dance festivals What is ecstatic dance? Essentially it's about dance without any intoxicants, without talking and without any obligatory steps or moves - you just allow yourself to move as your body wants to. Sometimes you might dance with others, sometimes alone, and there's no one watching to judge you on how you choose to express yourself with your dance. Some ecstatic dance festivals begin and end with rituals to open the heart, yadda yadda yadda, while others just let the DJ and/or live musicians do their thing.  

Ecstatic Dance in 2024


Freiburg ecstatic dance festival

Ecstatic Dance Winter Festival

16-18 February 2024 | Freiburg, Germany

Welcome, this winter we will create a heartwarming space full of dance and liveness! Program – Every morning and evening Ecstatic Dance – Yoga – Singing Circles – Cacao Ritual ...


Forgotten Land: Ecstatic Dance Spring Festival

8-12 May 2024 | Germany

Build your emotional awareness and plunge into a joyful celebration of dance at the Forgotten Land Ecstatic Dance Spring Festival. With workshops including Radikal flow, Contact jams, and more, you ar ...


ecstatic dance festival in the black forest in germany

Blackforest Ecstatic Dance Festival

27-30 June 2024 | Near Furtwangen, Germany

We are looking forward to getting together for 4 days this summer. 4 days with lots of ecstatic dance (every morning and every evening). There will be yoga, a cacao ritual, singing circles, live music ...


Ecstatic Dance Festival

29 September-4 October 2024 | Cyprus

Ecstatic Dance Festival features free-form conscious dance in a family atmosphere. Melt boundaries and expand your creativity with Ecstatic Dance teachers and musicians over 6 enchanting days on the l ...