‘Choose You’ Sensory Awakening Retreat

'Choose You' Sensory Awakening Retreat

‘Choose You’ Sensory Awakening Retreat at beautiful Ibiza, Spain, is perfect for women to reconnect with themselves after suffering trauma from a divorce or any other kind of grief. The organisers say: “So many women in this world feel like they have lost their own authentic identity because they are now only known as a […] » read more

“Rise in Love” Couples Intimacy Retreat

"Rise in Love" Couples Intimacy Retreat

“Rise in Love” Couples Intimacy Retreat located in the cultural city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands it’s about increasing the chemistry with your beloved with different kinds of rituals and techniques. The organisers say: “Learn communication skills and bedroom techniques to become a better lover for each other. ​Expand by breaking out of daily routines, entrenched habits and […] » read more

Heart & Eyes Wide Open Transformational Journey Retreat

Heart & Eyes Wide Open Transformational Journey, Slovenia

Heart and Eyes Wide Open Transformational Journey Retreat at the breath taking nature of Velenje, Slovenia. Here they will guide you to learn about self love and gratitude with different kinds of yoga and healthy organic food. The organisers say: “Join us and allow Veduna to swallow you in her rhythm and tune you back […] » read more

Yoga & Dance Holiday Retreat

Yoga and Dance Croatia

Yoga and Dance Holiday Retreat at Ražanj, Croatia. A great combination with dancing, meditation and Yoga Asanas in one of the best spots of The Mediterranean Sea, a perfect healing for the soul. The organisers say: “Whether you are new to yoga or a well-established practitioner, this yoga vacation program invites you to step outside […] » read more

Women’s Wisdom Iyengar Yoga & Surf Retreat

Women's Wisdom" Iyengar Yoga & Surf Retreat in Portuga

Women’s Wisdom Iyengar Yoga and Surf Retreat located close to the beautiful beaches of Faro, Portugal, is perfect for women’s connection,  their cycles and strenght. What the organisers say: “A very special women’s retreat. A week filled with laughter, joy, and warmth. We only host small groups so that there is enough personal attention for […] » read more

Private Healing, Singing Bowls & Qigong Retreat

5 Day Private Healing Retreat - Singing Bowls & Qigong in Spain

Private Healing, Singing Bowils and Qigong Retreat in Valencia, Spain. These techniques are good for your inmune system and ilnesses such as Cancer, MS, Parkinson among others . The retreat organisers say: “It can give you the tools to be more connected to yourself and others, and the freedom to love your life. It is […] » read more

Mindfulness Meditation with Horses Retreat

5 Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat with Horses, South Of France

Mindfulness Meditation with Horses Retreat in the south of France, helps you to bond with the horses, improving your ability to decrease stress, connecting with these lovely animals spiritualy. A unique experience. What the organisers say: “This exceptional escape to the south of France will offer you the chance to make that connection and benefit […] » read more

Yoga, Nature & Meditation Retreat

Yoga, Nature & Meditation Retreat in Provence, France

Yoga, Nature and Meditation Retreat located in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France, surrounded by beautiful nature, includes a healthy vegeterian meal, meditation and hiking. The retreat organisers say: “Le Payanet is situated in Provence in the heart of the Verdon Park. Surrounded by nature, 10min by foot far from a river and 50min by foot far from […] » read more

Eat, paint, love, creativity and yoga retreat

Eat, paint, love, creativity and yoga retreat

Eat, paint, love, creativity and yoga retreat in Tuscany, Italy.  Come and join this experiencie with many creators doing yoga, intuitive art with succulent Italian gastronomy. The retreat organisers say: “If you want to get colorful in your quest for inspiring travel, greater self-awareness, and a deeper sense of connection, join us for EAT. PAINT. […] » read more

Conscious Kink Xperience & Neo-Tantra Retreat.

Conscious Kink Xperience & Neo-Tantra Retreat.

Conscious Kink Xperience & Neo-Tantra Retreat is a perfect place to explore the world of BDSM, kinks, tantra and the Shibari bondage technique in Friesland, The Netherlands. The retreat organisers say: “It is the first conscious kink retreat, a retreat that strives for the era of a new humankind. Where love and awareness set the […] » read more

Hormonal Balance & Yin Yoga for Women Retreat

Hormonal Balance & Yin Yoga for Women Retreat

Hormonal Balance & Yin Yoga for Women Retreat at the enchanting coast of Ražanj, Croatia, is about learning to balance your body to regular your hormones, perfect for your inmune system. The retreat organisers say: “HYT is a dynamic form of Yoga therapy to reactivate the hormone production of the endocrine glands in a natural […] » read more

Yoga, Meditation, Beach, Walking & Kayaking Retreat

Yoga, Meditation, Beach, Walking & Kayaking in Greece.

Meditation, beach and kayaking retreat at the stunning beach in Corfu, Greece. Take this chance to heal with all these activities with an amazing view. The retreat organisers say: “We have selection quality teachers to give you the best experience and approach to the Yoga practice, so you can really take that knowledge with you, […] » read more

Darkness Meditation Retreat

9 Day Darkness Retreat in Italy

Darkness Meditation Retreat is located in Tuscany, Italy, featuring meditation in the dark, where you can inmerse within yourself and forget about mundane distractions. An experience worth living. The Retreat organisers say: “Scientific research shows how darkness activates certain glands in our brain in a reproducible way. From a Yogic (and Taoist) standpoint, the pineal […] » read more

ISTA Level 1 – Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience

ISTA stands for the International School of Temple Arts and this is the first level that’s taught in a series of courses hosted at Awakeland. The retreat organisers say: ‘The first step towards sovereignty.   A retreat that shows you how to have a joyous, majestic life.   You will be guided as the best way […] » read more

Inner Union with Ashik and Shamim

Inner Union is one of many fascinating retreats offered by the Awakeland Centre in South Portugal.   The retreat organisers say: ‘An invitation to find balance and harmony within.  One will never have a healthy relationship outside of the body until we have a healthy relationship inside. In this course we observe and honour the […] » read more

8 Day Light Italy Week: Yoga Vacation

Just one more reason to visit Italy… To practice yoga, enjoy nature, and of course, indulge yourself with delicious Mediterranean food. The retreat organizers say: “Depart for a journey, discover your deeper SELF and the people that surround you. Re-discover why human interactions are the key to happiness and participate in yoga classes and cultural […] » read more

6 Day Yogi Adventure and Meditation

Spend 6 days improving your body and mind in Portugal. Yoga, pilates and meditation classes will be waiting for you. They have more dates available. The retreat organizers say: “Imagine a week on the area of the “Moon Hill” – Sintra. Yoga. Delicious healthy food. Stunning coastline and close proximity to nature’s beauty. A chance […] » read more

8 Day Yin Yang Yoga Adventure

You will be practicing yoga in the beautiful Santorini. Even that is enough! They are combining Indian Yogic principles with those of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The retreat organizers say: “Join International retreat leaders Jo Crowder and Dr. Amanda Bowen for seven nights of yoga, energy work, relaxation, exploration, fun, and laughter. The Santorini Retreat Experience […] » read more

7 Day Surf & Yoga Trip in the Canary Islands, Spain

If you are one of those people who save money to escape to Spain or Portugal to surf and relax, you may like this one. If you are a beginner, don’t worry! They have yoga and surf classes for all levels. The retreat organizers say: “Join us to disconnect from your busy city life and reconnect […] » read more