The Storytelling Festival

The festival organizers say: “The festival is a shop window for all forms of storytelling. The aim is to highlight the importance of storytelling, both on stage and as a working method in other areas such as teaching, integration, the transfer of cultural inheritance and coporate storytelling” “The Storytelling Festival in Skellefteå is a week […] » read more

Scottish International Storytelling Festival

If you like storytelling and you like Scotland then the Scottish International Storytelling Festival could be for you. The organizers say: “ Welcome to the world’s largest celebration of storytelling anchored in Scotland, a nation of storytellers. Join us this autumn as we invite everyone to the ceilidh; locally, nationally and globally” “ The Scottish […] » read more

Zeg Tbilisi Storytelling Festival

Zeg Tbilisi Storytelling Festival is a three-day networking, inspirational storytelling festival with world-class speakers, main stage sessions, brainstorming meetings, and inspiring conversations with a diverse range of people in a town hall-style venue. The organizers say: “Zeg is the Georgian Word for ‘the day after tomorrow’, and that’s what festival is all about finding and […] » read more

International Storytelling Festival

The International Storytelling Festival is Europe’s largest and Austria’s only festival of storytelling arts. This is the festival’s 35th year with events across three states – Styria, Vienna and Lower Austria. The organisers say: ‘Our festival has always been about telling stories, and in all the years of multiplication, expansion and the resulting constant change, […] » read more

Chimères Festival

Chimeres Festival Belgium

Chimères Festival is a place for diverse and creative storytellers sharing traditional to modern tales. Suitable for curious adults and children alike! The organisers say: ‘It’s the oldest art: long before the internet, television, cinema, even theater, storytelling was there! By voice, with the most extreme simplicity, the tale narrated, touched, soothed the spirits and rocked […] » read more

Scottish International Storytelling Festival

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival is an annual celebration of storytelling and cultural diversity taking place every October. Join the largest event of its kind in the world! The organisers say: ‘Imagine something different. Imagine pasts, futures, or a timeless other. Dip into dreams and desires, old and new, lost worlds and worlds still to […] » read more

Orkney Storytelling Festival

Orkney Storytelling Festival Scotland

Orkney Storytelling Festival celebrates the islands of Orkney, Scotland, through tales about their history and heritage. Join events in various locations across Orkney to take part in this celebration of folklore and friendship. The organisers say: ‘Now, in the 21st Century, we have hundreds of different leisure activities to amuse and distract us. Storytelling still […] » read more

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival

Amsterdam Storytelling Festival Netherlands

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival brings together international storytellers and actors every Autumn. The organisers say: ‘No need to hide anymore! At The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival you can take off all your masks. This year, we invited many international and national performers to gather and show us their real faces. Join us there, and who knows, […] » read more

Oxford Storytelling Festival

Oxford Storytelling Festival England

Oxford Storytelling Festival is set in the beautiful Waterperry Gardens in Oxford, England. They bring you storytelling, folk music, spoken word and much more from England and beyond. The organisers say: ‘The Oxford Storytelling Festival is a place where the imagination is set free. Stories are overflowing with magic, wonder and enchantment.’ Learn more about […] » read more

Samova Storytelling

Samova Storytelling is a magical festival that promotes the art of storytelling in all its different ways. The organisers say: ‘A transdisciplinary cultural association that cultivates and promotes the art of storytelling in its many forms and nuances.’ Learn more about Samova Storytelling!

To be confirmed: Alafresca Festival

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event… Amazing festival for the whole family, where you can let your emotions run free because everything here…. Counts! What the organizers say: “ Alafresca festival is a unique event for everybody, young and old, that mixes storytelling and a little bit of […] » read more

Austrian International Storytelling Festival

Austria opens like a book presenting the best stories of the region and around the world. Come, listen and let your imagination fly. What the organizers say: “For more than 30 years now, our festival has always been about telling stories, and in all the years of copying, expanding and, as a result, of constant […] » read more

Festival at the Edge

Festival at the Edge is the oldest storytelling festival in England. There’s plenty to get involved with – workshops and informal music sessions, as well as all the fantastic storytelling performances through music, comedy and arts. The festival organisers say: ‘Tremendous tales, from terrific tellers. Festival at the Edge strives to bring you the very […] » read more

Travel Storytelling Getaway

(2019 dates to be confirmed) Following their Travel Storytelling Festival last year, there’s now going to be a Travel Storytelling Getaway in February. We guess that’s like a more intimate version of the previous event with talks, jams, films, music and plenty of travellers, voyagers, vagabonds, new age nomads and maybe the odd tourist. The […] » read more

Travel Storytelling Festival


Some years ago we ran our own travel storytelling and film festival in Berlin before giving up on the idea as being far too much work. So it’s nice to see other people picking up the idea and making the Travel Storytelling Festival in Belgium. The organisers say: ‘The idea behind the TSF is to […] » read more