Harmonic Festival

Harmonic Festival welcomes you with a lively village where you can attend art workshops and indulge yourself with foods from organic and local foodtrucks. And of course… There will be endless music to dance to! The organizers say: “Harmonic festival offers a relaxed setting for you to enhance the balance between your body, mind and […] » read more

Waha Festival

Waha Festival will have 5 musical stages, which will host a wide range of musical acts, an Agora where art exhibitions can be found, a Chill In Space as a social center to meet interesting people and of course Food Area. The organizers say: “Dear friends, we are inviting you to the 8th edition of Waha Festival […] » read more

Feel Festival

Feel Festival is a music focused festival but many other activities like yoga, guided meditations, and art workshops are present. They even have a half pipe for skateboarding! The festival area is surrounded by beautiful beaches so you can always try water sports as well. The organizers say: “After this epic summer we look back at sixth […] » read more

Ezera Skanas

Ezera Skanas is a unique one. You start your day at the middle of the night, in the dark in which you are going to the middle of the lake all by yourself on a boat. And then as the sun starts to rise, things start to change, colors appear, music starts… The organizers say: “Ezera […] » read more

Meadows in the Mountains

Meadows in the Mountains looks like a colorful, fun festival. They offer four stages to enjoy the music, yoga classes to relax your body and mind, and a community of like-minded creative people. The organizers say: “Nestled in the stunning heart of the Rhodope Mountains near Bulgaria’s Greek border, Meadows in the Mountains is set in […] » read more

Transition Festival

Transition Festival takes place in a village where the tribal celebration never stops! You can expect psychedelic music and some solid visual arts. The organizers say: “Transition Festival 2019 is a powerfull shamanic experience during 7 days and 7 nights in a magical location under the full moon after the Spring Ecquinox. It is an initiation […] » read more

Vurige Tongen

Vurige Tongen is a spoken word and music festival. It is created by artists and volunteers who give their time to create a nice gathering. The festival takes place in an arts village called Ruigoord, which is located a short drive away from Amsterdam. The entrance is donation-based. The organizers say (according to Google Translate): […] » read more

Kokopelli World Festival

Kokopelli World Festival is a world music festival. They have a rich line-up and you can find something you will enjoy whether you like balkan music, ska, jazz, electro swing… or all! It is run with the help of volunteers. Gotta support that spirit! The organizers say: “Kokopelli festival aims at raising awareness of us living […] » read more


Sommerlejr offers various events mostly in creative and shamanistic nature. Children are welcome for free and there is a lot to keep them entertained. The organizers say (according to Google Translate): “We are now ready to invite this year’s Summer Camp, which takes place in week 29. Again this year, it will be an event we […] » read more

Earth Garden

Earth Garden is mainly (but not “only”) a music festival which presents live music shows in many different genres of music. Workshops, unique markets and food courts will also be there.. The organizers say: “Celebrate music, diversity and life at Earth Garden Festival, the music festival that kicks off your summer buzz and guarantees loads of […] » read more

Mandala Festival

Mandala Festival is a creativity festival in harmony with nature. It encourages to bring your tent and enjoy the rest. The organizers say: “There is music, art and theater, but also games, wellness and a lot of colorful entertainment. On Mandala, festival and camping are one. A tent can be placed almost everywhere. Go, stand and […] » read more

Creating Work You Love with Rick Jarow

The Creating Work You Love workshop with Ruck Jarow is held at the Here & Now Centre in the Polish countryside. The organisers say: ‘How do we know whether what we do is our dream job or anti-career? Rick Jarow replies: The basic thing is to ask yourself: am I happy? If your work makes […] » read more

Magic of Shamanism Workshop. Healing power of the shamanic power journey with Arvick Baghramian

An introduction to the Shamanic Journey at the Here & Now Centre in the Polish countryside. The organisers say: ‘We would like to invite you to a meeting with an amazing teacher – a Contemporary Shaman- Therapist who created a unique system that applies shamanism in the therapeutic work, the author of the book: The […] » read more

M-Joy Integrative Workshop. Interactive creation of the reality with Melissa Joy Jonsson”

The M-Joy Integrative Workshop is a project organised by the Here & Now Centre. The organisers say: ‘Experience what students around the world have been raving about since 2014 as the next wave of practical experiential consciousness-expanding teachings. Come integrate and embody a whole way of being…you. Are you feeling stuck? Humanity is in a […] » read more

Awakening of Femininity Workshop “The sacred feminine temple and the Great Mother”

A workshop at the Here & Now Centre in the Polish countryside with Komala Sunder Amorim. The festival organisers say: ‘Fullness of Femininity is a series of workshops for modern women that wish to take time and space to connect the essence of her heart, to open her natural sensuality and femininity, and to bring it back […] » read more

Roztoč Fest – a Circus and Fire Dancing Festival

circus festival

The Roztoč Fest brings together fire dancers, jugglers, acrobats, hula-hoopers, poi spinners and other visual circus performance artists to share their skills and learn from one another. With plenty of live music. The festival organisers say: ‘Our vision is based on sharing skills and joy of flow arts. Everybody is welcome to teach, share and express […] » read more

Tantra 4 Gay Men Tantra Love Festival

Why should tantra be only for hetrosexuals? The festival organisers say: ‘The Tantra Love Festivals are all about love, exploration, connection, and shared ecstatic experiences. Come and indulge, be yourself, be loved exactly as you are, forge deep friendship with like-minded guys, explore together, and do just as much Tantra as you like. ‘The Tantra […] » read more

Sexolution, the Sex-Positive Festival

Sexolution Festival

If you want to open up your mind and explore a whole new world of sexuality you might try the Sexolution Festival in Austria. The festival organisers say: ‘Immerse yourself in an unprejudiced world of creativity, emotions and self-awareness and look forward to five inspiring days full of vitality, openness and diversity! Nature, talks, play […] » read more

What is Tantra? What is a Tantra Festival?

tantra festival in white

Tantra, as all the tantra festivals will fall over themselves to tell you, isn’t just about sex.  It’s an ancient spiritual tradition with Hinduism that has been widely practiced across India and its origins are buried in the mists of time. Of course, anything New Age needs an ancient origin story to validate it but […] » read more

What is a contact improvisation dance festival?

You might be wondering what on earth contact improvisation (or contact improv or CI) is all about? And what happens at a contact improv festival? Wikipedia has a good history of contact improvisation as a dance form though what contact improv is today depends on who you ask. Many would struggle to put it into words […] » read more