Ecstatic Soul Gathering

Ecstatic Soul Gathering is an opportunity to make the summer last longer and go deeper into dance.

The organisers say:

‘Get ready for a transcendent experience at the Ecstatic Soul Gathering that will take place in a very special place: Parque da Mina!

Join us in a unique encounter where music and rhythm merge with free movement, breathing and a sense of tribe, in perfect harmony with the exuberant nature surrounding us.

Let yourself be carried away by the beat of the drums and the melody of the flutes, as we dance in a place where you will feel safe and protected, surrounded by the invigorating energy of the mountains.

Get ready to explore your authentic expression through free dance, connecting with yourself and other free spirits.

The Ecstatic Soul Gathering is more than an event, it is a journey of self-discovery, healing and celebration of life that has contributed to great transformations in the lives of the participants, so join us, allow yourself to enter into total connection with your soul and surrender to the magic of this unique moment, where every step, every movement, every new breath is an affirmation of your inner freedom.

No matter your age, background or dance experience – everyone is welcome to join this celebration of love, unity and joy.’

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ecstatic soul gathering