Mystic Mountain Festival

There is something unique and special about Mystic Mountain. Those who were there know.

What we create is a powerful transformative space. Mystic Mountain is a retreat and a party all in one. It will help you make the next step in your inner evolution and provide the support to enjoy all the colors of this process to the fullest.

It’s a platform that gathers people in love with similar things, explorers, adventurers, those that can see the magic of existence, those who are always curious about finding out more. More truth, more possibilities, more undiscovered spaces. All of us who are bit by bit discovering the magnificence of what we really are, our Being, the Great Spirit.

In the Mystic Mountain, we share our insights, our presence, special magical moments, we admire and celebrate life.


Mystic Mountain is a small, cozy and intimate gathering, special in many ways. It’s not a non stop party site, but a magical place where things are balanced and where we really open our ways to our true Self, where we enjoy and celebrate life in a healthy way. And dive ourselves into carefully handpicked beautiful music at the same time.

The concept is different than most festivals. Our festival is small, accepting no more than 700 people. It is very cozy, there are no long distances to cross inside the venue. The festival lasts for a whole week which is not common for small festivals. All this creates a very unique intimate vibe, people get really connected, the idea is that in this week everybody meets everybody else.

Days are filled with music, workshops, field trips and hiking tours and evenings get longer as the week progresses.

This way, you can have a good rest in the nights to be fresh for the next day and also you get a good dose of partying.

Welcome to share the magic in beautiful pristine Croatian nature with us!

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mystic mountain festival in croatia