I Festival of Shamanism & Ancestral Traditions

Welcome to the most amazing festival of the year! The 1st International Festival of Shamanism and Ancestral Traditions at our “Here and Now” center is ahead of us!

During 6 days of the wonderful Festival, you will be able to take part in shamanic ceremonies, workshops, lectures, meetings, rituals, concerts and individual sessions. In the beautiful surroundings of wild Nature, forests, meadows, lakes, mystical Stone Circles and Power Places!

shamanism festival poland

Do you want to learn Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom?

Undergo tribal ceremonies and rituals to unleash your hidden Powers?

Learn Shamanic Journeys to Other Worlds?

Live according to the rhythm of Nature, listening to your intuition and heart?

Discover your connection to Ancestral traditions and Power of the Elementals?

Become a Modern Shaman?

If yes, then we invite you to our Festival!!

This is a special time that will make your life undergo a great transformation!

Learn more about the Festival of Shamanism & Ancestral Traditions!