C’Koi ce Cirque

C’Koi ce Cirque is a juggling convention as well as a street art and music festival that graces Ploéven, France. The festival brings together French artists and juggling enthusiasts for three whole days of fun, entertainment and learning.

The 2021 edition of the event was canceled due to the prevailing situation in the world, and it was rescheduled to be held on the same premises and days in 2022.


C’Koi Ce Cirque Ploeven/Facebook

The festival organizers say (translated):

“Hello to all!
A short message to let you know that the second edition of C’Koi Ce Cirque will not take place in 2021. But, you can now book your weekend from 22nd to 24th April 2022. We look forward to meeting you in Ploéven to celebrate properly music, street arts, circus, living together…
Take care of yourselves, see you soon!”

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