(2020 dates to be confirmed)

Sommerlejr offers various events mostly in creative and shamanistic nature. Children are welcome for free and there is a lot to keep them entertained.

The organizers say (according to Google Translate):

“We are now ready to invite this year’s Summer Camp, which takes place in week 29. Again this year, it will be an event we create jointly. We build together, enjoy ourselves together, dance together, eat together, drink together, cook together and clean up together. Everything will succeed, without any demands being placed on the individual individual – the synergy effect.

We enjoy the week and life in a quiet theme where there is room for spontaneity, horns, spas, hang out and chill, but also the more disciplined in the form of ceremonies, creativity, sweat cabin, yoga and morning meditation. A good mix where there is room for everything – because we are in Thylejren and here is space for everything.”

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