Creating Work You Love with Rick Jarow

The Creating Work You Love workshop with Ruck Jarow is held at the Here & Now Centre in the Polish countryside.

The organisers say:

‘How do we know whether what we do is our dream job or anti-career? Rick Jarow replies: The basic thing is to ask yourself: am I happy? If your work makes you happy, then you are definitely on the path of anti-career. The purpose of the work is not just money making – the work is primarily meant to help us embody our life, to open ourselves to a deeper spiritual reality. We are talking about anti-career when the work is in harmony with your soul, with your inner self. Then you know – you just feel like the energy of life flows through you.

In this richly experiential workshop, Rick Jarow explores the honoring of your current life’s calling. You are taken through a step-by-step process for building a self-sustaining career that resonates with your deepest levels of integrity, passion, and purpose. Drawing from his background in religious studies, small business, years of experience with shamans and healers, and a calling to serve, Jarow works with you to find your next step, to transform your intuitions into action, to create and receive support for your visions, and to find the motivation and discipline necessary to develop your authentic vocation.’

Learn more about the Creating Work You Love with Rick Jarow at the Here & Now Centre in Poland!