5th International Symposium on Qigong

(2018 dates to be confirmed)

The 5th International Symposium on Qigong organizers say:

“Goals of the Symposium:

* Introduce Qigong, its theoretical principles, the ancient philosophy behind the practice and its applications over time, giving to the participants a panorama of the vast art and science fields of Qigong, which is at the heart of classical Chinese medicine.

* Enable all those interested in health and energy disciplines to meet the top experts, researchers and leaders around the world in the Qigong field, and to propose possible projects dedicated to individual wellness and health through their experience in other countries.

* Compare experience and knowledge through presentations, reports on projects underway, practical demonstrations and scientific studies.

* Collect new ideas and plans, proposals and requests by interested parties, in order to develop future projects focused on diverse fields of application, in collaboration and cooperation with other organizations and sectors, always dedicated to wellness, health and inner growth.”

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