Oslo Yoga Festival

These days everyone is doing yoga, practicing mindfulness, reading Sufi poetry and the shelves are full of self-help books that promise to bring you peace, happiness and fulfillment.

But how about helping others in the process?

Oslo Yoga Festival exists to do just that.

The organizers say (thank you Google Translate):

“‘Yoga – inner experience and aesthetics’

The photography of yoga and the production of yoga in social media have meant that yoga is often perceived as external positions, where the performer’s performance and lineage are the most important. Alignment has a function to find power in the positions and prevent damage. But yoga is most of all an inner experience. This year’s yoga festival addresses the theme of yoga’s inner and outer aesthetics, and yoga as an experience.

Yoga requires presence, which today is called attentive presence. Mindfulness enriches us in life and in our practice of yoga, where being present in the yoga positions becomes an entrance to being more present in both the inner and outer senses – and in life.

Welcome to Oslo Yoga Festival 2019!”

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