Oslo Yoga Festival

These days everyone is doing yoga, practicing mindfulness, reading Sufi poetry and the shelves are full of self-help books that promise to bring you peace, happiness and fulfillment.

But how about helping others in the process? Oslo Yoga Festival exists to do just that.

Before the festival, they also have a digital program that starts on January 4th. The festival is planned to be in-person but they say, “We hope to be open in the end of January. You will get a link to the Zoom-version of the class if we are prevented from meeting physically.”

The organizers say:

“Oslo Yoga Festival 2021 will be held physically on the last weekend of January at Sagene in accordance with the social restrictions given to us in January. A smaller in house program with fewer participants and more space between classes. Plenty of zoom-classes and free lectures live-streamed on Facebook for you to join from anywhere.”

“Through yoga we can get more contact with ourselves and with the nature around us. Our bodies are part of nature.
When we focus our attention inward and know our bodies, we become more conscious of the cyclical in ourselves and in nature.
Yoga can also be a path to learning about nature and gaining more respect for nature, in terms of environment, other people and animals.
At the Oslo Yoga Festival, Teachers touch the theme of yoga and nature in different ways.”

Learn more about the Oslo Yoga Festival.