Northern Permaculture Gathering

(2020 dates to be confirmed)

Northern Permaculture Gathering is for people who are interested in sustainability. All Ireland Permaculture Gathering won’t be happening this year so instead we have the Northern Permaculture Gathering which shares the same format. You will be learning ethical methods to build a better world and attend interesting workshops. Camping at the event is possible. They ask you to keep the electricity to an absolute minimum, recycle and not to leave any waste.

The organizers say:

“The Permaculture Gathering is a self-organising event over a weekend (Friday-Sunday) around July-August of each year with a host group and many working groups working together to create the space. It is self-financing, no drugs or alcohol will be allowed on site. It should be set up as a very family friendly event.”

Learn more about the Northern Permaculture Gathering