Nomads Festival

(2020 dates to be confirmed)

Whereas many travellers are anxious to distinguish themselves from tourists, ‘nomads’ have gone one better and are earnestly trying to create an identity as dumpster-diving, hitchhiking, couchsurfing, telecommuting wanderers who come together every now and then to share tips and stories of living on next to nothing in the First World.

Not a cow, goat or horse in sight but fun times undoubtedly.

The organisers say:

“From the earliest days in Nomadic times, tribes would use the stars in the sky to find the best places to set up camp. With nothing but the lights showing them where to go, trusting on the mystical patterns of the universe.

In the summer of 2019, the Nomads family asks you to follow these same stars to return to our beloved oasis. Where the days are the longest and the temperature of the night rises to it’s peak, and where wanderers from far and wide gather to dance, spread love and listen to the beat of the music.

Let’s attract the most amazing tribe by creating the best vibe. Together we got this.”

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