Finki Krautrock Woodstock Festival

(2020 dates to be confirmed)

This festival looks very German and so incredibly stocked with bluesy music we can’t help but think magic mushrooms and/or acid will be available on demand.

Here’s a video from 2018 to give you some idea…

The organizers say (roughly):

“We are Guru Guru and we look forward to you joining our number. We have for you a great program prepared. Cool bands, the best of German rock, and more. Please don’t drink or do any other drugs when you’re at the wheel, and then nothing can go wrong and we’ll have a wonderful festival. Come celebrate in the real Odenwald where it is most beautiful. We’re looking forward to seeing you. Until then, best wishes. Your Finki! :-)”

For more information (and to brush up on your German) check out Finki Open Air