Women’s Wilderness Solo

There is too much noise all around nowadays… We are connected to our jobs, electronic devices, (mostly online) friends, homes, social media accounts, hobbies, and daily rituals. Only thing we are not really connected to is our inner selves. This retreat will give you the chance to disconnect from your regular connections and reconnect with […] » read more

Midsummer Wilderness Solo

Have you ever wanted to be alone in the nature but never had the time or courage to do so? During this retreat, you can do it. You will have the chance to be in nature, sit on one spot, contemplate your life and gain insight and understanding. You will go on the solo fast while sitting […] » read more

A winter silence retreat with Shai Tubali

shai tubali retreat

How about a silence retreat over the holidays? The organisers say: ‘Would you like to be touched by the light and enter the secrets and depths of Christ consciousness? This silent retreat with Shai Tubali is a unique opportunity to come into a direct and transformative connection with Christ consciousness.   2017 years ago, a […] » read more

Silence at the Sea yoga retreats on the island of Susak, Croatia

yoga retreat on croatian island of susak

If you find it hard to focus on your yoga practice in an urban setting, why not head to an island to really sink into the experience. The retreat organisers say: ‘Silence At the Sea yoga retreats are intimate experiences for just 10 people at a time on the pristine island of Susak in Croatia, […] » read more

Deep Healing Tantra Retreat 21-23 April

tantra retreat in berlin

Where else but Berlin would you find a tantra retreat with a bunch of intimacy junkies? The retreat organisers say: ‘This is the ultimate retreat for Deep Nurturing, (Self-)Love and Empowerment. With 3 facilitators sharing their unique gifts we will hold a space for your transformation to unfold. ‘This is a self-love and empowerment retreat […] » read more

Urban/Nature Dance Retreat

The second year of the Barcelona dance retreat. The organisers said: “Imagine dancing in the nature and bringing it back into the studio, dancing in the studio and taking it into the city. Going to the beach and the city squares where we will create dance and instant composition. In this dance retreat we will […] » read more

Road Junky Sahara Retreats in Morocco

morocco yoga retreat

If you’ve ever fancied visiting the Sahara Desert and experiencing a meditation, dance and yoga retreat deep in the sand dunes then the Sahara retreat in Morocco could be for you. 20 travelers  gather for a week in the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert for a week of yoga, meditation, contact improvisation dance, storytelling, […] » read more