The best big music festivals in Europe?

We’re sometimes asked which are the best music festivals in Europe? We don’t know. We only publish a list of small, alternative festivals and so you won’t find a good list of big music festivals here. But here are some other sites who have their own festival recommendations: The Guardian has chosen these as 10 of the […] » read more

Transylvaliens Festival

By the looks of it there will be plenty of music, plenty of fresh air, promising light shows and an opportunity to set up hammocks. What’s not to like? Organisers say: “Transylvaliens Festival is a transformational psychedelic arts gathering in the wild Transylvanian nature focused on celebrating diversity through music, arts and alternative culture. Enjoy […] » read more

Connection Festival

Connection Festival close to Sevilla apparently needs no introduction – at least there isn’t any on their website. What there’s going to be, however, is a week filled with Goa trance and a limited number of participants (1500, to be precise.) Their last years’ aftermovie probably gives the best introduction about what to expect: The […] » read more


S.U.N stands for Solar Unite Natives: a project growing out of the Hungarian Goa trance scene and it uses the profits from the S.U.N Festival to invest in a sustainable community. The organisers say: ‘Come and join us for a sunlight celebration in the beautiful green valley of Csobánkapuszta, hidden in the Cserhát mountains of […] » read more

Brainchild Festival

Brainchild Festival is an independent festival that doesn’t focus on any particular genre but is instead a big splash of creativity. It really looks like a lot of fun. The organisers say: ‘Brainchild set out to connect people in a way that larger festivals can’t, nurturing collaboration on a personal level. We started planning the […] » read more

Irish Decompression (Burning Man)

irish decompression burning man festival

From what we can make out, this is an Irish version of Burning Man with the chance for artists and performers to come as participants and infused with Celtic spirit. The organisers say: ‘Ladies and gentiles, boys and girls, people and persons, lads and lassies. We are go for launch! We can now confirm the […] » read more

Pachamama Festival

Pachamama Festival is named after the earth mother goddess of the Andes and has become a rallying cry for hippies everywhere, somehow more resonant than Gaia.   The organisers say: ‘The beautiful place is nestled between hills, surrounded by forest and enriched by a stream with a small waterfall that invites to take a refreshing […] » read more

Spiral Knights Eco-Fest

free and real eco-fest, greece

Free and Real is a community on the enormous island of Evia where they have an impressive set up with huge geodesic domes and yurts and a lot going on, seemingly, if you can make sense of the endless visionary blurb. In September, they’re holding an eco-fest though all they have published so far by […] » read more

Agni Yoga, Music & Healing Festival

agni yoga festival spain

Run by a bunch of yoga instructors based in Barcelona, Agni Festival is held out in the sticks of Catalunya with an impressive program featuring yoga, butoh dance, sweat lodges, circus workshops and a whole lot more inspiring workshops and music. The Agni Festival organisers say: ‘AGNI will be shining again this year to bring […] » read more

Summer of Eros Festival

valle de sensacions tanta retreat in spain

The Summer of Eros is a summer long festival with workshops and circles exploring sacred sexuality in the Valle de Sensaciones (Valley of Sensations) in Andalucia, Spain. The organisers say: ‘This summer, for the first time, Valle de Sensaciones is producing a sensational immersion into the lands of Eros. Together with world-renowned teachers, facilitators and […] » read more

Ekodrom Festival

ekodrom festival in croatia

Who doesn’t love dancing in nature? Ekodrom Festival is a chance to do that in the Croatian countryside in a creative, friendly atmosphere. (check out even more videos of Ekodrom Festival) The organisers say: ‘Hidden in the countryside, yet pretty central (only 70 km from Zagreb) this life and nature loving festival jewel is a […] » read more

Silence at the Sea yoga retreats on the island of Susak, Croatia

yoga retreat on croatian island of susak

If you find it hard to focus on your yoga practice in an urban setting, why not head to an island to really sink into the experience. The retreat organisers say: ‘Silence At the Sea yoga retreats are intimate experiences for just 10 people at a time on the pristine island of Susak in Croatia, […] » read more

Deep Healing Tantra Retreat 21-23 April

tantra retreat in berlin

Where else but Berlin would you find a tantra retreat with a bunch of intimacy junkies? The retreat organisers say: ‘This is the ultimate retreat for Deep Nurturing, (Self-)Love and Empowerment. With 3 facilitators sharing their unique gifts we will hold a space for your transformation to unfold. ‘This is a self-love and empowerment retreat […] » read more

Festival Harmonic

harmonic festival france

There’s a strong bias among English-speaking people to go to English-speaking festivals. So jump out of your comfort zone and go to hang out with some French hippies at the Festival Harmonic in the south of France! The festival organisers say (via Google Translate): ‘It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that the whole team […] » read more

World Bodypainting Festival 2017

world bodypainting festival, Austria

Whatever else the modern world may be, it’s certainly an interesting place for the artist who no longer has to limit their creativity to the canvas but can even take their brush to the human body, painting images that both accentuate and disguise the natural; daubing images on to the skin that play with texture, […] » read more

Being Gathering

being gathering in portugal (was b-in)

The Being Gathering (formerly known as the Be-In Gathering, perhaps a throwback to the 1967 San Francisco Be-In for the hippie historians among you) is organised by the same team that makes the Boom Festival every two years, and is held in the same location by a lake in central Portugal. We were a bit […] » read more

Ancient Trance Festival

ancient trance festival in germany

To be honest, we know nothing about Ancient Trance Festival except that many people seem to love it. The organisers say: ‘The Ancient Trance Festival is always in search for organic trance music. Once a tiny indoor mouth-harp festival it grew organically with a family-like community of visitors and guests. Musicians from all over the […] » read more

Buddhafield Festival

Buddhafield festival uk

With 3000 people, Buddhafield hits a sweet spot between a small, cosy festival and an event big enough to have a lot going on. Infused with the philosophy of Buddhism, this is a very conscious festival without alcohol or drugs. Buddhafield Festival from Clear Vision Trust on Vimeo. The festival organisers say: ‘The Buddhafield Festival […] » read more

Gaia Tribe Family Summer Camp

gaia family tribe summer camp

Small and cosy, the Gaia Tribe Summer Camp is a family-friendly gathering with care taken of the decoration and mood in the surrounding woodland. The usual workshops, music and fun. The festival organisers say: ‘We will be having discussion groups on world cafe, fracking, building sustainable culture, sharing our stories, the work that reconnects etc. […] » read more

Irish Aerial Dance Festival

aerial dance fest, Ireland

The Irish Aerial Dance Festival looks amazing. It’s held in Donegal, which is the most remote and rainy part of Ireland, and along with a bunch of shows there are tons of classes in aerial dance with fabrics and swings and trapeze and hoops and all that circus jazz. The organisers of the festival, Fidget […] » read more