8 Day Christmas and New Year Surf & Yoga Retreat in Lisbon, Portugal

Surf and yoga sounds like a pretty good combination… Especially for Lisbon. The retreat organizers say: “Leave behind the festivities rush, relax, unwind, and rejuvenate your body and mind. Omassim Guesthouse is delighted to invite you to this invigorating Christmas and New Year Vinyasa Flow retreat with some Yin yoga and restorative yoga elements.” Find […] » read more

4 Day Great Outdoors Yoga & Coaching Weekend Retreat in Scotland, UK

Through daily hill walks, yoga practices and NLP, you will get the chance to develop a better mental and physical health. There will also be coaching activities to help you explore yourself. The retreat organizers say: “We invite you to join this retreat that is open to everyone and is designed to enhance your physical and […] » read more

3 Day Luxurious “Glamping” & Mini Yoga Retreat in Cornwall, UK

For three days, you will be practicing dynamic yoga, hatha yoga, nidra yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa yoga and yin yoga by the Atlantic Ocean. The retreat organizers say: “Life’s a breeze in breath-taking Cornwall. Revitalize your senses on an ultimate long weekend of luxurious glamping under the stars, inspiring yoga and nourishing local food in […] » read more

8 Day Gift to Self – Yoga, Meditate & Radiate Retreat in Greece

A yoga and meditation retreat in a beautiful Greek island… They offer multiple yoga styles for beginner and intermediate level practitioners. The retreat organizers say: “Visualize yourself beneath the golden sun, surrounded by the raw energy of the shimmering sea and mountainous forest on a Greek Island… Indulge in this GIFT to SELF via heart […] » read more

6 Day Yoga Christmas Break in Andalusia, Spain

This time during the Christmas break, you can really take a break from everything. A wonderful way to end the year with yoga and nature.. The retreat organizers say: “Celebrate this special time of transformation & start a fresh new beautiful year! This unique YOGA CHRISTMAS BREAK Retreat will nourish your mind, body, and soul. […] » read more

3 Day Luxurious Glamping & Yoga Retreat in Cornwall, UK

You will be practicing hatha and restorative yoga while enjoying plant-based meals.. The retreat organizers say: “Life’s a breeze in breath-taking Cornwall. Revitalize your senses on an ultimate long weekend of luxurious glamping under the stars, inspiring yoga and nourishing local food in my favorite place on earth.” Find out more about the 3 Day Luxurious Glamping […] » read more

7 Day Wellness, Yoga, Nutrition and Mindfulness Retreat in Koufonisia, Greece

You will be practicing vinyasa and yin yogas, mindfulness and capoeira, as well as engaging in balanced eating workshops and message therapy… And all in endless, pristine beaches of Greece. The retreat organizers say: “This exclusive sanctuary invites you to stimulate body and mind, with the intention to discover and strengthen the connection with yourself, […] » read more

4 Day Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany

A time for yourself to relax and unwind… You will be staying at a family owned boutique house, have time to get lost in nature and practice yoga, meditation and pranayama. The retreat organizers say: “In the retreat we will meet for yoga class, practicing pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (body exercises), relaxation and meditation. Furthermore, we […] » read more

4 Day Tantra Intensive to Discover Your Spontaneity in Durbuy, Belgium

Through this tantric sexuality retreat you will gain in-depth experience of love and pleasure. The retreat organizers say: “The Intensive will offer different ways of liberating blocked or repressed sexual energy. When sexual energy flows, life flows, affecting not only our sexuality but our over-all health and happiness. We will explore our relationship with our […] » read more

5 Day Yoga and Vegetarian Cooking Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

Learning vegetarian recipes, practicing medication and yoga with same-minded people in beautiful Andalusia.. The retreat organizers say: “This wonderful YOGA & COOKING Retreat will nourish your mind, body, and soul. You can enjoy an amazing, hands-on, creative cooking experience, combined with light yoga and meditation. On this retreat, you will be introduced to Ziza’s unique recipes […] » read more

5 Day Yoga for the Soul Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

You will have plenty of time to relax and unwind while getting inspired by fascinating views… The retreat organizers say: “Nourish your body with delicious and specially prepared Vegetarian Food. Indulge in Ziza’s and Yair’s unique Therapy Treatments or, engage, in one of the many soul-enriching activities on offer.” Find out more about the 5 Day […] » read more

5 Day Yoga & Water Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

A yoga and water retreat in a secluded area of Spain.. A retreat of rejuvenation and rediscovery. The retreat organizers say: “Relax and unwind in the spectacular unspoiled beauty of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, with breath-taking views in every direction. Stretch each morning with yoga and Qi Gong on land and each afternoon in nurturing […] » read more

3 Day Yoga and Biodanza Aquatica Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

This retreat offers you to relax and stretch with the calming effect that water has on your body and mind. The retreat organizers say: “This yoga and Biodanza Aquatica retreat will allow you to enter into a state of serenity and connection with yourself, the nurturing warm water, and with the affection of the group. […] » read more

7 Day Yin and Yang Balancing Shanti Yoga Safari Retreat in Mlini, Croatia

Starting the summer with some inspiring views and classes on meditation, breathing and yoga skills sounds just right… The retreat organizers say: “Start your summer with a relaxing and recharging yoga retreat at an exclusive, modern villa close to the most pristine beaches south of Dubrovnik. Imagine practicing yoga on the beautiful yoga terrace with an […] » read more

4 Day Easter Yoga & Meditation Weekend Retreat in Oxfordshire, England, UK

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this weekend getaway in England offers a personal attention to all in their yoga journey. The retreat organizers say: “Join me for an inspiring Easter yoga and meditation weekend in the stunning countryside of Oxfordshire. This weekend promises you a great way to slow down, reflect, introspect and leave […] » read more

7 Day Divine Summer Yoga Island Retreat in Dol, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia

Hvar island, Croatia is the spot for you to really get away. A pristine, ample island… Perfect for yogis. The retreat organizers say: “Every morning, you will start with meditation, kriyas (cleansing) and yoga practice at the shala, followed by a delicious breakfast. You will have a chance to experience yoga coaching that helps you to […] » read more

5 Day New Year Zen Retreat in Lisbon, Portugal

How does it sound to spend the day with yoga and evening with relaxing by a panoramic sea view on the last day and the first day of the year? The retreat organizers say: “This is a well-balanced program that will give you time to unplug yourself and to discover Portugal. Enjoy daily yoga classes, […] » read more

4 Day New Year Nirvana Retreat

Maybe this new year’s eve, instead of drinking the night away, you may choose to take a flight to Lisbon to reach “nirvana”. The retreat organizers say: “Let go of the old and embrace the new. The start of the New Year is the perfect opportunity to set intentions for the coming year and to […] » read more

8 Day Winter Sport and Yoga Retreat – Nassereith, Austria

Take an eight day trip to nourish yourself in the Tyrolean Alps. The retreat organizers say: “The beautiful nature of the Tyrolean Alps is the ideal place to leave all the stress and worries of daily life behind you. The combination of having awesome skiing and relaxing yoga is the perfect mix to get you through […] » read more

3 Days Winter Cleanse Meditation and Yoga Retreat England, UK

A time to indulge yourself in nature with a small group of people.. The retreat organizers say: “This retreat provides a gentle way to cleanse, nourish, rebalance your system, allowing you to return to your self. Your body is already an expert at detoxifying and restarting itself and what Rina Golan provides is time, space, […] » read more