Aequinoctium Vernum

Dates To Be Announced

There are a number of trance festivals around Europe, but no other besides Aequinoctium Vernum ever mentioned the presence of farm animals. Dazzled by the mental images of psychedelic sheep, we didn’t hesitate to add it to our list. However, according to arrangers there will be also be yoga, sauna and creative activities.

The festival organisers say:

“The scene for this festival is quite small and very exclusive. Participation requires an invitation. Only friendly, responsible and positive people are welcome!

For accommodation, heated bedrooms and bed bunks are available for a reasonable extra fee. There is enough space for everyone.

Fire- and dance shows are scheduled for both evenings. For the daytime, creative activities and Yoga As the weather might be chilly or rainy, all music stages, as well as other vital infrastructures will be all indoor.

Sauna and hot tube will be available for no extra charge.”

Learn more about how to get invited to Aequinoctium Vernum.