The Magic Word Festival To Be Confirmed

Come to a festival of narrative arts and engage in stories from different genres, in unusual formats and from unusual perspectives. This festival is organized every two years during epiphany time.

What the organizers say:

“Every two years on Epiphany, narrators from all over German-speaking countries and beyond come to Nuremberg and put their young and old listeners in the head with their stories.

The event can be eagerly listened to in the Tafelhalle, in the Künstlerhaus in the KunstKulturQuartier, in the Krakauer Haus and in the Kulturwerkstatt Auf AEG.

An event of the Narrative Stage in cooperation with the Tafelhalle, the Künstlerhaus, the Kulturbüro Muggenhof and the Kulturzentrum in the Krakauer Haus.”

More about this festival here.