Couchsurfing Camps in Europe

Couchsurfing may have sold out and lost its soul but couchsurfing camps remain a fun way to hang out with a bunch of new people in nature. Not so much a festival as a fun gathering generally involving plenty of alcohol.

couchsurfing camp




  • Nature Surfing TBA, Rīga/Daugavas loki, Latvia (2019 dates to be confirmed)




Alternatives to Couchsurfing

If you’d like to find some of the original traveller spirit now so missing from Couchsurfing then you can try:

Bewelcome – smaller, groovier.
Trustroots – the newest hospitality alternative with a back to basics feel.
Hospitality Club – yes, it’s an oldie and should have been redesigned 10 years ago but it’s still going.
And more hardcore travellers meet up every year at the Hitch Gathering.