The best big music festivals in Europe?

We’re sometimes asked which are the best music festivals in Europe? We don’t know. We only publish a list of small, alternative festivals and so you won’t find a good list of big music festivals here. But here are some other sites who have their own festival recommendations: The Guardian has chosen these as 10 of the […] » read more

Modem Festival 2017 (momento demento)

Modem Festival is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year, still on its way towards creating an unforgettable psychedelic experience. The organizers say: “We are on the good path to offer you the unique festival experience on a high level of production, in one of the most beautiful venues nature can offer us. You know what […] » read more

Flow Festival 2017

Days of music in a nature sanctuary in the spirit of peace and love. The organizers say: “FLOW is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized […] » read more

Dakini Festival 2017

If you are partial to frolicking around on virgin beaches, dancing, music and company of like-minded souls, seasoned with a spiritual undercurrent, Dakini Festival might just be the gathering you’d consider visiting. See for yourself: The arrangers say: “Our mission is to create a memorable event on the Black Sea Coast that brings together people […] » read more

Psychedelic ZoO 2017

Psychedelic ZoO sounds like Dr Moreau’s Island reborn in a secluded German forest. With light shows. And psytrance aplenty. We are intrigued. The organisers say: “Attention! Attention! A bunch of wild animals escaped from our secret laboratories and we warn you to get in contact with these psychedelic modified beings! Welcome to the psychedelic zoo! […] » read more

Masters Of Puppets Open Air 2017

Despite the sinister sci-fi sounding name, the Masters seem to be rather benevolent creatures who go in for sustainability, charity and musical vibrations. The team behind the festival consists of three Viennese event and music labels – Kodama, Psygsichta and Masters Of Puppets. Have a look for yourself: The organisers say: “This annual gathering is […] » read more

UFO Bufo 2017

UFO Bufo encourages good old-fashioned face-to-face communication as their festival location provides a natural digital detox (in two words – no coverage). So why not challenge oneself? We also find their theme song rather charming. The organisers say: “Since 2010 we have annually hosted the psychedelic music and art festival (previously known as Cosmic Frog […] » read more

Spirit Base Festival

Spirit Base Festival seems to be be both known and warmly recommended in their area, as the comments on their Facebook site reveal. Looks like a great place for us too. Suitably for a local secret, however, there’s not much official info about them around. Spirit Base festival celebrates its 15th birthday this year. As […] » read more

Aymon Festival

Aymon Festival seems to be a small and cosy one, but the truth is that we don’t really know anything about it. The location looks sublime though and their aftermovie has some real Blair Witch moments, so chances are that it’ll be a great experience. Have a look for yourself: The organisers say: “We are […] » read more

Psychedelic experience Open Air Festival

What to expect from Psychedelic Experience Open Air Festival? The organisers promise severe sleep deprivation due to dancefloor activities and 2033 lakes in the area. Considering the season, 2,033,033,033 mosquitoes might also decide to join the fun. The festival organisers say: “Naturally our program will include a first-class line-up with only the best international artists, […] » read more

Hai in den Mai 2017

Magic forest, magic creatures and judging by the photographs always sunny weather – admittedly Hai in den Mai seems like great fun. Also, on an unrelated note – they have the most beautiful Miyazaki-inspired website we’ve seen for quite a while. The festival organizers say: “The grounds around the “Waldfrieden-Haus” provide small and large surprises, […] » read more

Aequinoctium Vernum 2017

There are a number of trance festivals around Europe, but no other besides Aequinoctium Vernum ever mentioned the presence of farm animals. Dazzled by the mental images of psychedelic sheep, we didn’t hesitate to add it to our list. However, according to arrangers there will be also be yoga, sauna and creative activities. The festival […] » read more

Transylvaliens Festival

By the looks of it there will be plenty of music, plenty of fresh air, promising light shows and an opportunity to set up hammocks. What’s not to like? Organisers say: “Transylvaliens Festival is a transformational psychedelic arts gathering in the wild Transylvanian nature focused on celebrating diversity through music, arts and alternative culture. Enjoy […] » read more

Psy-Fi Festival

Arts? – Check. Music? -Check. Insane laser shows? – Check. Website that looks like a love child of Art Deco and Eastern philosophy? – Got that too. Add a good splash of dedication to recycling, douse in trippy music and voilá! – Looks like you’ve got a place worth spending 4 days at. Psy-Fi is […] » read more

ZNA Gathering

A week of trance, love and unity at a beautiful lakeside in Portugal – that’s what ZNA Gatherings are aiming for according to their impressively psychedelic website. As the organisers put it: “Some of us have been exposed to huge amounts of psychedelic emotions back in the nineties, many of us in the famous “fluoresta […] » read more

Connection Festival

Connection Festival close to Sevilla apparently needs no introduction – at least there isn’t any on their website. What there’s going to be, however, is a week filled with Goa trance and a limited number of participants (1500, to be precise.) Their last years’ aftermovie probably gives the best introduction about what to expect: The […] » read more


S.U.N stands for Solar Unite Natives: a project growing out of the Hungarian Goa trance scene and it uses the profits from the S.U.N Festival to invest in a sustainable community. The organisers say: ‘Come and join us for a sunlight celebration in the beautiful green valley of Csobánkapuszta, hidden in the Cserhát mountains of […] » read more

Brainchild Festival

Brainchild Festival is an independent festival that doesn’t focus on any particular genre but is instead a big splash of creativity. It really looks like a lot of fun. The organisers say: ‘Brainchild set out to connect people in a way that larger festivals can’t, nurturing collaboration on a personal level. We started planning the […] » read more

Irish Decompression (Burning Man)

irish decompression burning man festival

From what we can make out, this is an Irish version of Burning Man with the chance for artists and performers to come as participants and infused with Celtic spirit. The organisers say: ‘Ladies and gentiles, boys and girls, people and persons, lads and lassies. We are go for launch! We can now confirm the […] » read more

Pachamama Festival

Pachamama Festival is named after the earth mother goddess of the Andes and has become a rallying cry for hippies everywhere, somehow more resonant than Gaia.   The organisers say: ‘The beautiful place is nestled between hills, surrounded by forest and enriched by a stream with a small waterfall that invites to take a refreshing […] » read more