YogaFest Amsterdam

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The Yoga Fest Amsterdam organizers say: “YogaFest is a 2-day yoga festival where body, mind & soul come together in one of the most exciting areas of Amsterdam. For everyone who loves or is new to yoga.” Learn more about the Yoga Fest Amsterdam.

Wald Healing

The Wald Healing organizers say (according to google translate): “A spiritual festival for the whole family with yoga, meditation, shamanism, massages, music and much more. The last ‘Forest Healing – Growing Together’ was again a special experience. It is now time for the fifth time in June 2018: Being in communion with a diverse range of alternative healing […] » read more

Yoga Festival Scotland

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The Yoga Festival Scotland organizers say: “Yoga Festival Scotland is bringing together Scotland’s yoga community and showcasing some of the countries leading instructors. A event for true ‘bravehearts’ bring yourself and your friends along and soak up the healthy atmosphere whilst practising, learning and enjoying Yoga in a unique setting.” […] » read more

Yoga Conference Germany

The Yoga Conference Germany organizers say: “Not so long ago yoga teachers from different styles wouldn’t have been too enthusiastic about teaching together at the Yoga Conference Germany. Not so long ago people would have laughed about caring too much about our planet in a conscious healing way, you probably even would have been laughed at […] » read more

Yoga-Rainbow Festival

The Yoga-Rainbow Festival organizers say: “We invite experienced, interesting, vivid yoga-teachers and teachers of similar traditions to participate in our festivals. The word ‘Rainbow’ in the name and logo of our festival symbolizes the variety of styles, schools, ways, a choice of opportunities and perspectives of development. All the classes are held by highly qualified professionals, […] » read more

Yoga Games – Gothenburg

The Yoga Games organizers say: “We look forward to an event with width from various forms of yoga, interesting lectures and workshops as well as a mix of international, national and local presenters. Our goal is to convey new experiences and to get more people to discover the wonderful world of yoga. During  Friday workshops […] » read more

Yoga Festival Val d’Isère

The Yoga Festival Val d’Isère organizers say (according to Google Translate): “Yoga, wellness, martial arts, sport, nature, meditation, dance & music …. Moments of pure happiness during the three sacred days of this first Val d’Isère yoga festival… The mountains vibrated with the energy of yogis who came from all over France to practice various styles […] » read more

Om Yoga Show – Manchester

The Om Yoga Show organizers say : “Visitors come to the OM Yoga Show to immerse themselves in a truly yogic atmosphere for the whole weekend. Free open classes provide the opportunity to be inspired by leading teachers; the chance to try something new, or revisit an old favourite. Open classes, located within the exhibition, are […] » read more

Elysia Yoga Convention

The Elysia Yoga Convention organizers say: “Elysia festival features honorary yoga teachers from all over the world that will be the presenters while professionals from different areas of the Wellness field (nutritionists, life-coaches, therapists) are expected to join and contribute to this exciting opportunity of exchanging knowledge. to join and contribute to this exciting opportunity of […] » read more

JoogaFestival Helsinki

The JoogaFestival Helsinki organizers say: “Yoga Festival Helsinki is a wellbeing event for everyone. Whether you are interested in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other wellness practices or you are a professional, Yoga Festival Helsinki has a lot to offer. The two-day event (March 3-4, 2018) is a great opportunity to explore and get more information […] » read more

Yoga Games – Stockholm

A drop-in yoga conference also held in Gothenberg in April. The organizers of the Yoga Games say: “Scandinavia’s largest yoga events with the Nordic Yoga Conference in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The events are growing significantly each year and the number of attendees, presenters and exhibitors at the Marketplace is constantly increasing. We hope you find what […] » read more

The Yogilab Yoga Festival

It’s not so easy to write something original about each yoga festival we have listed in our calendar but we have to admit the Yogilab Festival got us wondering: just what the hell is Rocket Yoga?   The organizers say : “THE YOGILAB YOGA FESTIVAL aim is to bring together people who are interested in […] » read more

Austria Yoga Conference

A video from Austria Yoga Conference …  Some of the speakers are Young-Ho Kim, Krishnataki, Tania Wimmer, Barbra Noh, Ranja Weis, Patrick Broome… Learn more about the Austria Yoga Conference.

Oslo Yoga Festival

These days everyone is doing yoga, practicing mindfulness, reading Sufi poetry and the shelves are full of self-help books that promise to bring you peace, happiness and fulfillment. But how about helping others in the process? Oslo Yoga Festival exists to do just that. The organizers say: “The surplus from the Oslo Yoga Festival 2018 […] » read more

Yoga & Montagne

Yoga & Montagne is a festival offering yoga, fly yoga, spa, and skiing classes. Yoga in the snow – what more could you want? What the organizers say: “Pure Experience is full of small and big happiness far from the urban nuisances in natural frameworks favorable to the Resourcing. Come back to the Essential, live your Pure […] » read more

Slovenian Hula Hoop Convention

Who doesn’t love hula hoops? Creative, artistic, elegant and sexy as hell. Set by a river, you can hoop all day long and learn from others. You can even rent a hula hoop if you don’t travel with one. But who doesn’t do that? The organisers say: ‘Do you love hula hoops and nature? We […] » read more

Lost Theory Festival

Here is the 2018 line up of the Lost Theory Festival: Learn more about Lost Theory Festival.

Halloween Adams Flight!

Gecko Acoustic & friends will prepare a special Halloween Event… More info about Halloween Adams Flight! will be coming soon… Learn more about the Halloween Adams Flight!

Gaia Gathering

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The organizers say: “‘Gaia’ means the Spirit of the Earth, the living Earth. Earth that is intensively bound with the human, who comes naturally just as being itself. Gaia is the source of life, where we can submerge our roots and fill ourselves with balance, certainty and strength. Gaia Gathering […] » read more

Psy-Fi Festival

The organizers say: “We offer extensive learning programs on our sacred island covering topics such as Psychedelics, Psychology, society, religion, permaculture, sustainability, ancient cultures, Shamanism and dance. Our dance floors are sacred spaces meant for self-expression and personal growth. This is where people connect as one living organism with the music being the binding factor. […] » read more