HulaHoop workshop and festival group photo

5 – 7 October 2018 Bristol, UK   The organizers say: ‘SWhoop is the South West Hoop Conference brought to you by Hooping Mad (aka Emma Kenna).  Held in a converted church in the heart of Bristol in the UK, SWhoop is a high intensity weekend of hoop workshops, crafting, shows, hoop party, ukulele, and A LOT of […] » read more

International Tantra Festival in Poland

Tantra festivals Poland

Tantra festivals are on the rise in Europe and the Polish Tantra Festival at the Here and Now Centre is at the forefront of these. The festival organisers say: If you wish to learn how to feel a real closeness with a person you love If you want more depth and bond in your relationships If you […] » read more

Geneva Yoga Festival

The Geneva Yoga Festival is an event that takes you into the world of yoga with intensive workshops, live spiritual music and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.   The yoga festival organisers say: ‘On the menu: 4 days of yoga, 48 workshops, including 8 intensive workshops on Thursday (Jeûne genevois), and 5 evenings in music (concerts, […] » read more

Tai-Chi Tcho

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The Tai-Chi Tcho organizers say: “Tai-Chi Chuan and Qigong festival with 23 teachers from all over Europe. High quality teaching, delicious food, great party and friendly exchange with participants from all different European countries. Come and join us – you will not regret it!” Learn more about the Tai-Chi Tcho.

5th International Symposium on Qigong

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The 5th International Symposium on Qigong organizers say: “Goals of the Symposium: * Introduce Qigong, its theoretical principles, the ancient philosophy behind the practice and its applications over time, giving to the participants a panorama of the vast art and science fields of Qigong, which is at the heart of […] » read more

7th International Push Hands Meeting in Prague

The 7th International Push Hands Meeting in Prague organizers say: “All fans of push hands (tui shou) and Tai Chi Chuan, who want to meet in a friendly atmos­phere and exchange their experiences, are cor­dially invited regard­less of their level of practice. The Prague „push-hands“ work­shop becomes part of chain of meet­ings which already have […] » read more

Taiji Forum – Yangsheng Meeting

The Taiji Forum – Yangsheng Meeting organizers say: “A gushing spring, a lively creek, a majestic stream, a delta that slowly but securely merges into the sea – the river of life! – Many colourful images appear before the mind’s eye when thinking about flowing water. Perhaps the most beautiful association in Chinese culture connected […] » read more

North Sea Tai Chi Festival

The North Sea Tai Chi Festival organizers say: “The North Sea Tai Chi Festival is a 3-day outdoor festival where, in an open atmosphere, workshops on tai chi and related disciplines are being offered. North Sea Tai Chi is open to all styles and levels. Even if you do not have a tai chi experience, there are several […] » read more


The Sommerakademie organizers say: “The Summer Academy 2018 takes place from 22.07.-05.08.2018 in Alterode / Harz. Instructors include Anne Katrin Albrecht, Sonja Blank, Michael Bouda, Armin Fischwenger, Thomas Kirchner, Martin Neumann, Franziska Rüscher, Robin Saar, Birte Timmsen, Epi van de Pol and Marianne Wegener.” Learn more about the Sommerakademie.

Les Rencontres Jasnières

The Les Rencontres Jasnières organizers say (according to Google Translate): “Manifestation of different styles of taiji quan, ba gua zhang and qi gong, bringing together over 200 participants from around the world. You practice taiji quan. Come share with us this passion during the 31st edition of Jasnières Meetings in Marçon in Sarthe.” Learn more […] » read more

Tai Chi Caledonia

The Tai Chi Caledonia organizers say : “Thank you for visiting our website where you will find details of our latest event, Tai Chi Caledonia 2018, our 23rd year offering high quality teaching of Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and other Chinese Internal Arts, here in the beautiful, natural environment of Stirling University Campus in the […] » read more

Drachen und Tiger – Open Air Pushing Hands Meeting

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The Drachen und Tiger – Open Air Pushing Hands Meeting organizers say: “For our usual Pushing Hands meeting under the open sky at Wildeshausen on the campsite Aschenbeck, 27801 Dötlingen, we invite you. A large practice tent makes us more independent of the weather. The wide, tree-lined lawn with ponds provides […] » read more

6th International Taiji-Push Hands-Meeting

The 6th International Taiji-Push Hands-Meeting organizers say: “This meeting provides TAIJI – practitioners of all styles (Yang, Chen, Wu, Fu …) in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere to practice, to get to know, to share experiences … But the important thing is to go deep into the art of TAIJIQUAN. This Push Hands meeting will take […] » read more

International Push Hands Meeting Hannover

The International Push Hands Meeting Hannover organizers say: “Founded in 2000 as an annual exchange meeting for the scattered push hands practitioners of different schools and styles in Germany and Europe, the International Push Hands Meeting in Hannover (Germany) evolved into Europe’s biggest meeting dedicated solely to the partner work in Taijiquan – Push Hands […] » read more

Israeli Contact Festival

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The Israeli Contact Festival organizers say: “The Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival has three different parts, each with its unique atmosphere and style: CI on the road, The GreenHouse and City Time – TLV. You can Join for one part, two parts, or all. The Greenhouse in beautiful Kibbutz Kfar Blum […] » read more

Oceans and Flow Dance Journey

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The Oceans and Flow Dance Journey organizers say: “Explore your creativity. Awaken in your body spontaneous and authentic movement, in amazing natural spaces along the island. Develop physical abilities. Dance on a empty beach. From land to water, explore the dance in warm waters and feel the freedom to fly […] » read more

Cercanias Contact Festival

The Cercanias Contact Festival organizers say (according to Google Translate) : “The festival of contact improvisation: Cercanías, was born with the initiative to offer an annual meeting point for practitioners, organizers and teachers of CI, who are in the area developing their work, after observing an increase in displacements among the nearby Communities of Cantabria, […] » read more

Echo Echo Contact Improvisation Festival

The Echo Echo Contact Improvisation Festival organizers say: “Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company is very happy to invite you to our first Contact Improvisation Festival from 19-26 May 2018! The festival takes place in Derry-Londonderry, in Northern Ireland. The city has two names. and if you search both on the internet you’ll get slightly different […] » read more

Shdema Contact Camp

The Shdema Contact Camp organizers say: “The 4th Israeli Contact Camp in Shdema! For the 4th time we are going to host the Israeli contact camp in our ecological community in Shdema, Israel (30 min from Tel aviv), between fields and roads, underneath high trees and in our growing food forest. Also this time the […] » read more

Madrid Contact Improvisation Festival

The Madrid Contact Improvisation Festival organizers say: “The 11th edition of our Madrid C.I. Festival is ready to once more embrace and trigger our will for dancing. This year, in order to keep unfolding new colors of this dance form that we love so much, we propose to dive into the performative side of C.I. […] » read more