Heartbeat Women Festival

women's festival

*Seems to not be on in 2017* The website is only in German but we like the idea of a festival only for women and so below is a translation from Google of what it’s all about. The organisers say: ‘This is an invitation to Mrs circles in which we create a safe space and […] » read more

Faces Festival

faces festival, finland

To be honest, we’re not really sure what Faces Festival is all about but someone wrote in to us claiming it’s ‘a legendary etnofestival…very unique place in southern Finland & coolest hippy happy people ever’, which sounded good. Plus we don’t have so many festivals in Finland listed here and we like to keep as big […] » read more

Space to Emerge Gathering

space to emerge gathering

Space to Emerge Gathering is a chance to disappear into the woods for a weekend to sing, dance, learn some bushcraft and create an empty space where something new might emerge… NOTE: the organisers have a strong commitment to sustainable travel and so they ask people not to fly into the UK to attend this […] » read more

Tantra 4 Gay Men Festival


Tantra (Sanskrit: तन्त्र) is an ancient Indian tradition of beliefs and meditation and ritual practices that seeks to channel the divine energy of the macrocosm or godhead into the human microcosm. Here we have a festival for gay and bisexual men keen to go deeper into themselves, to delve into becoming something new, and to push their […] » read more

Something to Smile About Festival

something to smile about music festival

We don’t usually include music festivals on this site as there are just too many of them and then it would be hard to see all the unusual, unique, weird and wonderful festivals and gatherings that we have here. But Something to Smile About seems to be a music festival with small bands and a […] » read more

The Green Gathering

green gathering

The Green Gathering is an alternative festival par excellance powered by alternative energy (wind and sun) and featuring a plethora of alternative culture with acoustic music, workshops, skill sharing, radical cinema and the usual totems of a stone circle and faerie glade. Yes, there will be people with long beards and flowers in their hair and […] » read more

Into The Wild


A small beautiful festival that is drug and alcohol free, this one looks like a proper good family event for making memories both children and the grown will never forget. We’re pretty sure this is a video of the festival from 2014 (because 35 seconds in heaven is better than 30 seconds in heaven). The […] » read more

Green Vibrations


This festival looks like one wild Saturday with four stages and all manner of music. As the day darkens the after party kicks off and it don’t stop until four in the morning. We’ll let their video from 2015 take it away. The organizers say (Google translate style): “The festival program consists of DJs, live […] » read more

Raw Fruit Festival


Indeed, this festival is just what it sounds like. A bunch of folk getting together under the Spanish sun with random music, dancing as the spirit moves, open unregulated discussion, and eating fruit straight from the source. The organizers say: “The 2016 edition of the Raw Fruit Festival in Andalusia, Spain! 100% local organic fruits […] » read more

Own Spirit Festival


Back when we were young and frying our brains on liquid LSD, trance music was all about the inner journey, turning the dance floor into one big shamanic space and seeing just how far you could push your consciousness. Not many of us survived, unsurpisingly, and these days trance festivals often seem to blend the […] » read more

Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival


How many musicians have a festival named after them? Django Reinhardt is held in a special kind of awe not only for being such a great guitarist despite missing a few fingers, but because he was a gypsy who was taken seriously by the non-gypsy world and because a household name. If your house is […] » read more

Guca Trumpet Festival

guca trumpet festival

Who doesn’t love a bit of Balkan music? Who doesn’t love a a bit of Balkan music at a trumpet festival with thousands of drunk Serbians singing, dancing and for once honouring gypsy musicians coming together to make brass band mayhem? Sounds like a lot of fun. The organisers say: ‘The village of Guča (pronounced […] » read more

Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival

beyond the border storytelling festival

Beyond the Border Festival of Storytelling is a major fixture in the storytelling world and gong there you might wonder why everyone doesn’t regularly gather around in tents to listen to minstrels, raconteurs and spinners of yarns tell their tales. The only mystery is why Tom Thumb the storyteller hasn’t been invited yet.. The organisers […] » read more

Fuerteventura Contact Improv Festival

fuerteventura contact improv festival

If you fancy somewhere to get away and make some contact improvisation dance (apart from on our contact improv retreat in Morocco then you can jump on a plane to Fuerteventura and dance in the winter sun. The organisers say: ‘Out from the middle of European winter, opening into our own spring. We will share […] » read more

Ecstatic Dance Festival

ecstatic dance festival

If you’re not sure what ecstatic dance is then, well, it’s all about dancing in ecstasy. No, not on ecstasy, in ecstasy. Ok, if you don’t believe us, check out the video from a self-professed ‘grandmother’  (when will America learn self-awareness?) of the ecstatic dance scene. This is the first edition of the ecstatic dance festival in Amsterdam and […] » read more

Spiritual Dance Festival – Conscious Easter

spiritual dance festival barcelona

Yes, going by the video you wouldn’t be judgemental to deduce that they seem to take themselves a little too seriously but if you want to go dancing in the mountains close to Barcelona (we think) there’s the Spiritual Dance Festival offering yoga, tai chi, chi kung, contact improv, reiki, meditative dance and…we think you […] » read more

Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival

israeli contact festival

When Europe has been cold and miserable for ages, Christmas is coming and it’s too early to join us in the Sahara, then you can always hop over to Israel for their December contact improvisation festival. The Israeli Contact Fest is divided into 3 parts with the first being up in the hills of North […] » read more

Travel Storytelling Festival


Some years ago we ran our own travel storytelling and film festival in Berlin before giving up on the idea as being far too much work. So it’s nice to see other people picking up the idea and making the Travel Storytelling Festival in Belgium. The organisers say: ‘The idea behind the TSF is to […] » read more

Spiritual Dance Festival – Días de Luz


Let the spirit dance, they cried. And it was so. There isn’t a lot of information to be found on this festival that we can find, though this could be because it’s all in Spanish. Here’s a video of the magic from 2014. The organizers say (according to Google translate): “The Spiritual Dance Festival is much […] » read more

Scottish International Storytelling Festival


It’s in the capital of Scotland and people from around the world are telling stories. What more could you possibly need to know? But yes, there is a video. Storytelling Festival 2015: Stories without Borders from SISF Storytelling Festival on Vimeo. The organizers say: “Through storytelling the liberating power of imagination is open to everyone. This […] » read more