Irish Aerial Dance Festival

aerial dance fest, Ireland

The Irish Aerial Dance Festival looks amazing. It’s held in Donegal, which is the most remote and rainy part of Ireland, and along with a bunch of shows there are tons of classes in aerial dance with fabrics and swings and trapeze and hoops and all that circus jazz. The organisers of the festival, Fidget […] » read more

Travel Storytelling Getaway

Following their Travel Storytelling Festival last year, there’s now going to be a Travel Storytelling Getaway in February. We guess that’s like a more intimate version of the previous event with talks, jams, films, music and plenty of travellers, voyagers, vagabonds, new age nomads and maybe the odd tourist. The organisers say it’s: ‘An awesome […] » read more

Free Tree Open Air Festival

free tree open air festival in austria

To be honest we’re not sure what this festival in Austria is all about but it was heartily recommended and seems small and groovy enough to make the list. A friend described the festival as: ‘a Green Event with lots of different Music Acts of all genres, poetry Slam, Travel Stories, Workshops. Organized with much […] » read more

The Old Saw Mill Garden Party

The Old Saw Mill Garden Party is held in a secret location and there are only 500 places available. Details of what the festival is about are few and far between but isn’t it nice to be surprised? The festival organisers say: ‘Dust off your top hat, call the vicar & prepare the lawn for […] » read more

Small is Beautiful Festival

sustainability festival small is beautiful

Read the book? Small is Beautiful from E.F Schumacher? We’ve looked at the back cover blurb a number of times and made plans to read it one day when intelligence upgrades can be downloaded at will, but if you were a thinking person and are looking for a festival where you do more than make […] » read more

Snow Surf Contact Jam Festival

ukraine contact improv festival

We love this one. Contact improv in the Carpathian Mountains of the Ukraine. Looks like a really cosy, intimate, special CI festival at a time of year when not much else is going on! The organisers say: ‘Seven days of contact impro jams and laboratories, snowboarding, skiing, music, bodywork, sauna singing, tea ceremonies, art and […] » read more

Roztoc Circus Festival

roztoc festival, prague

Fire acts, juggling, eclectic musical performances and all kinds of crazy, creative people hanging out, camping for super cheap prices and in a quirky, scenic locale. Looks great. The organisers say: It is a non-commercial event made by artists for artists, dedicated to contemporary forms of dance and circus, together with live concerts, music jams […] » read more

Nomads Gathering

nomads gathering hitchhikers

Whereas many travellers are anxious to distinguish themselves from tourists, ‘nomads’ have gone one better and are earnestly trying to create an identity as dumpster-diving, hitchhiking, couchsurfing, telecommuting wanderers who come together every now and then to share tips and stories of living on next to nothing in the First World. Not a cow, goat […] » read more

What Is Music? Arts Gathering

what is music arts gathering in spain

If you’re a musician and you’re free in July you should be in the What is Music Gathering in the north of Spain. Imagine being with a whole troupe of creative people from musicians to artists to dancers doing workshops on flamenco rhythms, clowning, creating music with the voice, Indian melodies and more. Looks like […] » read more

Wild Heart Gathering

wildheart gathering sussex

Wild Heart Gathering has grown enough of a following to sustain two events each summer with the first in Sussex in May, and the second in Devon in August. Taking a look at the website you feel really a sumptuous festival with an emphasis on workshops and music, electic performances and conscious community. There are […] » read more

Spark Liberosis

For many of us the original Burning Man in the US is just a bit too far away and perhaps there’s a feeling that we wish we’d gone 20 years ago… Much of the founder Burning spirit might be found however in the regional Burns which now reach as far even as Austria where the […] » read more

Yiddish Summer Weimar

yiddish summer weimar

Yiddish culture gave us not just Woody Allen and Seinfeld but was once an integral part of Europe and the Yiddish Summer Weimar has a month of activities to keep the old traditions alive. There’s also a festival week in the beginning of August where you’ll hear some great klezmer music. The organisers say: ‘Yiddish […] » read more

Space of Love Festival

Space of Love Festival takes place on the beach and features a whole cast of teachers running workshops on anything from family constellation to yoga to African dance. ‘Every year since 2003, people gather on the white-sanded shore of the Swedish island called Öland. There we celebrate and create, meet new and old friends, and […] » read more

Es Amor Festival


The Es Amor Festival (You Are Love Festival) has the motto Explore Explain Express and is unusual as most festivals go in that the only tickets are moneyfree – you register and you get a ticket but no money changes hands. Set outside an ongoing community project in Portugal, it’s the usual mix of yoga, […] » read more

HeartBeat Festival

Yes, there are lots of festivals in Europe in August but if you’re in Germany and feel to connect to the New Age scene in a picturesque location, HeartBeat Festival could be for you. The organisers (courtesy of Google Translate) say: ‘That in a  held beautiful castle with a huge enchanted garden, centuries-old trees and […] » read more

Heartbeat Women Festival

women's festival

The website is only in German but we like the idea of a festival only for women and so below is a translation from Google of what it’s all about. The organisers say: ‘This is an invitation to Mrs circles in which we create a safe space and jointly rediscover the power of the feminine. […] » read more

Faces Festival

faces festival, finland

To be honest, we’re not really sure what Faces Festival is all about but someone wrote in to us claiming it’s ‘a legendary etnofestival…very unique place in southern Finland & coolest hippy happy people ever’, which sounded good. Plus we don’t have so many festivals in Finland listed here and we like to keep as big […] » read more

Space to Emerge Gathering

space to emerge gathering

Space to Emerge Gathering is a chance to disappear into the woods for a weekend to sing, dance, learn some bushcraft and create an empty space where something new might emerge… NOTE: the organisers have a strong commitment to sustainable travel and so they ask people not to fly into the UK to attend this […] » read more

Tantra 4 Gay Men Festival

Tantra (Sanskrit: तन्त्र) is an ancient Indian tradition of beliefs and meditation and ritual practices that seeks to channel the divine energy of the macrocosm or godhead into the human microcosm. Here we have a festival for gay and bisexual men keen to go deeper into themselves, to delve into becoming something new, and to push their […] » read more

Something to Smile About Festival

something to smile about music festival

We don’t usually include music festivals on this site as there are just too many of them and then it would be hard to see all the unusual, unique, weird and wonderful festivals and gatherings that we have here. But Something to Smile About seems to be a music festival with small bands and a […] » read more