Bosnian Acrobatics Convention

acrobatics convention in bosnia

Bosnia is another country often overlooked by the festival scene and this acrobatics conventions looks like a lot of fun. The festival organisers say: ‘The whole idea of the festival is of course to enjoy all in the sun by the river, but also to bring some circus to Bosnia Herzegovina. The Bosnian Convention is […] » read more

Art-Labyrinth Summer Festival

Directions to the Rainbow Gathering?

When was the last time you thought about going to Moldova? The Art-Labyrinth Festival could be your excuse to go.. The festival organisers say: ‘Art-Labyrinth’s Summer Festival is an annual event that takes place in the natural environment, in the most picturesque and beautiful places of Moldova. It lasts for 7 days and brings together […] » read more

Heart Culture Festival

heart culture festival austria

This is a really friendly little hippie festival in South Austria. The festival organisers say: (thanks to Google Translate) ‘Everyone is blessed with unique skills. When we reunite them and learn to follow our supreme joy, a life of abundance and natural abundance becomes possible for all. We take this to heart and we implement […] » read more

Festival of Contact Improvisation in Jam’s Format

The Festival of Contact Improvisation in Jam’s Format organizers say: “We, Anjelika Doniy, Leonardo Lambruscini, Xenia Isaeva was traveling together last year and met communities, festivals in different places, get closer with people from different countries. We want to give you chance to visit Moscow and really meet dancing IN Moscow with Russian community. We […] » read more

Freiburg Contact Festival

The Freiburg Contact Festival organizers say: “The Contact Festival Freiburg is an annual event, which supports and facilitates an international exchange of the dance form Contact Improvisation. It offers a group of 200 participants the opportunity to dive into an intensive week long process to explore the dance form. During the days in the classes […] » read more

Russian Contact Improv Festival

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The Russian Contact Improv Festival organizers say: “9 days immersion in the nature of dance, movement and interaction. Excellent team of teachers, master classes, laboratories, jams. The festival takes place in the most beautiful place of Altai and collects amazing people. The living energy, which radiates this place, in itself […] » read more

Contact Meets Contemporary

The Contact Meets Contemporary organizers say: “A Contact Festival where Contact Improvisation meets Contemporary Dance. CMC – here we go again! Come, it will be great! We are looking forward to focussed dancing and researching, a calm atmosphere and a light spirit. In order to strenghten the dance we are also feeding other needs outside […] » read more

Catalonian Contact Festival

The Catalonian Contact Festival organizers say: “Second Edition of the Contact Improvisation Festival in Cardedeu – Catalonia from July 27 to August 2, 2018. Dance and sleep in a Gym of School Dolors Granés. The gym will be divided into two different parts, in order to host one space to workshops, jams and activities and […] » read more

Contact Festival of Lake Ladoga

The Contact Festival of Lake Ladoga organizers say: “Organizers and hosts: Otto Akkanen (Finland), Artem Markov, Maria Grudskaya, Anastasia Saevich, Sasha Bezrodnova, Yana Sutina, Kirill Popov, Anna Titova, Tatiana Mikhailova and others. 9 days of discovery and adventure. Open space, air, freedom, the vast sky above your head, islands and blue water. Forest, glades, low […] » read more

Siberian Contact Improvisation Festival

The Siberian Contact Improvisation Festival organizers say: “We celebrate the 10th Festival of Contact Improvisation in Altai! 9 days of immersion in practice is the possibility of a qualitative reboot, through movement, through dance, through being together. This is an opportunity to get out of the space of conditional relationships and relationships and remember who […] » read more

The Thousand and One

The Thousand and One organizers say: “It will happen in MENS, in the wonderfull mountaineous area of the TRIÈVES, 45 mn from GRENOBLE, focusing from Contact Improvisation and Composition and relation to the environment. THE REGISTRATION WILL OPEN THE 1ST APRIL 2018 Program : Andrew De Lotbiniere Harwood (Canada), Scott Wells (USA), Kabiro Scheller (Germany) […] » read more

Warsaw Flow

Warsaw Flow is Poland’s main contact improvisation festival and is one of the most dynamic CI events in Europe. The Warsaw Flow organizers say : “Warsaw FLOW / re: action Movement, space, dance, physicality, action, dynamics, fun! The second edition of the NEW three-year cycle of the Warsaw FLOW Festival 2017-2019! In 2018, we care […] » read more

Tribal Tantra Festival

tribal tantra festival uk

The Tribal Tantra Festival is a chance to discover a vision of what tantra is all about. The festival organisers say: ‘We are overjoyed to invite you to this Community Festival, where we are passionately taking the work of Tribal Tantra into the Wilds of England. We are creating a magical, enchanting, nourishing space for […] » read more

Ukraine Summer Contact Festival

The Ukraine Summer Contact Festival organizers say: “Dear dancing friends! We are happy to invite you to share with us this beautiful August in Ukrainian Karpaty! It’s going to be a small but international retreat in an incredible place, that will give us the real taste of Contact Improvisation practice with the flavour of authentic […] » read more

Hungarian Contact Improvisation Festival

hungary contact improvisation festival

A cosy contact improvisation festival in Hungary for just 60 dancers. The organisers say: ‘Following the tradition of the Kontakt Budapest International Improvisation Festival which happened from 2002 to 2015, we organize a 7-day-long event in Hungary: 6 days in Három Kincs Völgye and 1 day in the city of Budapest. With a new team […] » read more

Portugal Contact Improv Festival

portugal CI festival

The Portugal Contact Improv Festival invites you to come early to help set up with the camp and stay afterwards for a kind of after-party taking the contact improv onto the beach! The festival organisers say: ‘You are invited to spend this three weeks gathering with your international contact improvisation family in a private country […] » read more

Rumble Festival

Rumble dance festival in the UK

It’s great to see more festivals going alcohol-free. It makes such a difference to the overall feeling. A dance festival with contact improv, 5 rhythms, forro, acro-yoga and more, Rumble seems like one of the most interesting events on the UK festival calendar. The festival organisers say: ‘Imagine a festival where movement and dance is […] » read more

Berlin Contact Improv Festival

CI festival in berlin

How many CI festivals offer aquatic motion in their programmes? The festival organisers say: “Working with experiential somatic disciplines and Contact Improvisation in warm water and on the dance floor. The teachers offer skill building intensives, classes & labs. Discovering where movement arises, bringing it into different aspects of dance, improvisation and celebration. Nightly Contact […] » read more

Nordic Impro Meeting

(2018 dates to be confirmed) The Nordic Impro Meeting organizers say: “Nordic Improvisation Meeting was arranged the first time in autumn 1996 at the Årsta Theatre in Stockholm initiated by Måns Erlandson. The idea was to create a network for dance improvisers, where a meeting would circulate and be passed on to different countries and […] » read more

Ecite for Contact Teachers

The Ecite for Contact Teachers organizers say: “As organisers, we are deeply considering the role of ECITE as a place for exchange, sharing and mutual learning. We believe every teacher’s active participation to the making of the event becomes a fundamental component in distinguishing it from a festival. The process to define the concept has […] » read more