Intimacy and Sex Retreats

intimacy retreat

the art of making love

Anyone with any degree of self-awareness knows that making love and sex aren’t the same thing.

Perhaps that explains the current popularity of tantra festivals and tantra retreats around Europe and the rest of the world. People know there must be more to physical love with a partner and look to the East for ancient answers on sacred sexuality.

Perhaps there’s no real need to look to Indian scriptures though when the tools for finding intimacy in relationships and conscious sex are available in a wide range of intimacy retreats, couples retreats and other events focused on authentic sexuality.

Anything resembling a ‘sex festival’ might seem like an invitation to an orgy but the reality is that these events are more often based on couples’ retreats, women-only or men-only events, and often focus on sexual healing and the art of communication as well as things like massage and dance.

Here you can find some intimacy retreats to give you an idea of what is on offer around the world.

And here you can learn more about what couples’ retreats are all about.

If you were expecting here a calendar of intimacy retreats and similar events – hold on until 2021 and we’ll try to get a list together!